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message 1: by Jessie Marie (new)

Jessie Marie (jessiemreads) Use this thread to recommend patterns and/or kits about, related to, or featuring books or characters from books! This can be general (such as showcasing various bookspines or piles of books) or specific (such as book or author specific).

If you are able, include a link which would be helpful! If you aren't sure how to link, on the upper right hand corner of the comment box, there is a link that says "(some html is ok)". That will guide you through on how to create a clickable link.

message 2: by Tracey Allen (new)

Tracey Allen at Carpe Librum (carpelibrum) | 654 comments I'm currently stitching Penguin Clothbound classics book spines in a design from Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/transaction/1148... and I absolutely love it!

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