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S.L. Northey | 40 comments Good Grieving, Narrative Perspectives of Loss and Bereavement by S.L. Northey

Well, I decided to take the five day essential challenge.

Day 2: my sacred place is my desk centered in a room under a bank of Windows that is higher than the desk. When I look up, when I am searching for that idea to write or just daydreaming, I can only see the sky from the angle that I sit. Mi never thought about why I picked this place, but after having to go through the exercise I figured out why this is the place I spend a great deal of time.

Day 3: the exercise was to make an alter. Again I had my large desk set up, and I placed things on that desk, some things made sense ( a library of book end poetry and literature books, a mini library). Other things made sense after listening to the exercise. I have a large copper vented cabinet that I like to burn candles in. I bought it a while back so the cat wouldn't burn her tail, she came close a few times. I also collect small wooden boxes that Have a random apothecary look to them, and I keep notes, supplies, but one box I used to create poem order for my first book. I placed index cards with all the titles, and for months I placed them in categories until I could see and feel the flow for poem order. Another item is a mallard (1940's) novelty lamp my sister bought me at an antique shop, because she knew I loved the mallard. It is a sacred bird to me, and it is sculpted as if the bird is taking flight. Besides my computer, I have a short copper colored metal lamp with a bell shaped shade that reminds me of light fixtures from an a vintage garage. I again never really thought why I placed these items on my desk. It was surprising to me that this would be considered an alter. In one of my poems, Emeraude, a great lion sits at the feet of God. It is his silence that is the gift that is given back to God. In the story/poem, as I was writing a line, without hesitation I spoke of "the fields of Arabeth. I had no idea what it meant. This happens a lot when I write, a word comes onto the page and I have no idea what it means. After doing extensive research, I could find no place on earth in going back to Egypt of a place called Arabeth. A voice came to me and said, look at the word. I sat there and started dividing the word into two syllables , Ara and Beth, then looked it up in ancient Hebrew texts. Ara means alter, Beth means house. Arabeth is I think another name for the throne room where God and the Archangels reside. In Arabeth. It is at this desk, I hear and feel language. I know this is long and lengthy, but this is where I am spoken to in what I call unspoken sound. The true language of God. It wasn't until after the third exercise that it made sense. You are right about an alter place that leads to opening the soul.

S.L. Northey

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S.L. Northey | 40 comments Good Grieving, Narrative Perspectives of Loss and Bereavement

One last comment. I write a lot about things that seem not to have any connected meaning to my physical world. A lot of times I have to research what I have written and even then it doesn't seem to reveal what I need to "crack the code". It is over time the meanings of these writing reveal themselves, it may take months or a year. This is how I know when the writing is coming from the soul. It has led me to formulating many hypotheses about the constructs and design of the abstract world that it came from. My writing is a journey to explain where this soul is going and how it opens up a universe that seems to be right outside the window. Journaling is a gateway I believe. God speaks in your writing through this telepathic communication. The answers that you search for end up in this communication. I am the writer who writes about the soul. From these little exercises through this five day challenge, even a soul writer finds something revealed. It is the beauty of what is yet unknown. This is the first process that I feel can actually lead you somewhere. Make the five day challenge if you haven't.

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Saiisha | 544 comments Mod
Gosh, thank you so much for your kind comments about the 5-day challenge SL! I'm so pleased that you've found meaning in the space that you created for yourself - for your soul.

I love the list of things you collected, that speak to your soul, and I had goosebumps reading about "Arabeth" - I totally agree about a writer is not really the one who writes, but one who's being written through. I have such experiences sometimes as well, when I start writing with a question, and receive an answer toward the end. Or when I sit down to write one thing, what comes out at the end is something I hadn't really thought ahead, but is much more powerful. So I can relate! But I love how open you make yourself for this communication, even waiting for months or years sometimes!

One last thing - I think the Connect With Your Soul group would also get a lot out of your experience with the challenge. I could copy-paste this there, but I think it would feel much more authentic / powerful if you posted it there as well. Thank you!

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S.L. Northey | 40 comments Ok, you have something that bridges the gap between the abstract and concrete world that somehow you created as a tool. A method. That's a gift.

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Saiisha | 544 comments Mod
S.L. wrote: "Ok, you have something that bridges the gap between the abstract and concrete world that somehow you created as a tool. A method. That's a gift."

You're very perceptive, thanks again SL!!

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