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The Tsar of Love and Techno
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Susie | 4488 comments My heart is aflutter. What an amazing author Anthony Marra is. I will admit that I was a little worried. A Constellation of Vital Phenomena was just so good that I couldn't see a way that he could possibly do it again. My worry was wasted, because this book was spectacular.

I highlighted so many passages. Some amusing - 'If there is an operation, and if that operation is successful, she says she will move to Sweden. I fear for her future in a country whose citizenry is forced to assemble its own furniture'. Some deeply insighful - 'You remain the hero of your own story even when you become the villain of someone else's'. Some that made me want to read them over and over - 'Galina had been as vivid as stained glass, but we hadn't imagined that Kolya might have been the sunlight saturating her'.

I really wanted to read this slowly so that I could take in the magic writing (lucky for me that I was able to read it slowly as it is the school holidays and my reading time has been slashed!).
I absoultely understand how so many people have said they read it over straight away, and I plan to read it again some time really soon. I think it will go down as one my top reads of 2016, and Marra has certainly become one of my favourite authors.

Denizen (den13) | 1138 comments I whole heartedly agree that Marra is an exceptional author. I'm also reading it - about 50% finished.

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