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Steven (eandyil) | 1 comments * Title: My Day Job Is Killer
* Author name: Steven Moynier
* Publisher: Self
* Publication date: june 22, 2016
* Format: Ebook
* Description: This is not your typical ghost story. Will our hero spend the rest of eternity reliving a really bad day, or can he escape his seemingly inescapable predicament? Join us in this introduction to the world of the Culhanian Institute!
* Page count: 26
* Link to cover: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.c...

Note: I did notice that the only exception to the cover was amazon, so I left the JPG link from that site here. I still have it on my PC, however, and I'd be overjoyed to share it with you via Dropbox or any other medium you'd care for.

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