City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments, #6) City of Heavenly Fire question

Faerie question (spoilers about last 2 books)
Julie Julie Jul 05, 2016 09:53PM
Did I missing something? I am about halfway through this book (Meliorn just poisoned his guests) and can't believe Clary hasn't mentioned how the Faerie Queen was spying on her through the ring and was reporting stuff back to Sebastian. Did Clary not believe him? It even mentions her looking at the ring on Simon's finger. Is she under a spell to not remember? It is driving me crazy! Just seems too important to forget! TIA!

Sebastian is to smart to tell Jace. He KNEW that Clary would come. But I agree, why didn't the Clave interrogate her?? She was in the enemy's hands for a long time!! She probably has so much useful information!!

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I actually noticed this too! I was like Sebastian literally told Clary that the Seelie Queen is on his side and he has been talking to her and everything in CoLS HOW HAS SHE NOT TOLD ANYBODY ABOUT THAT??? Is the Clave so stupid that they didn't interrogate her about her stay there or something??

But mostly I think Clary is stupid and a pathetic excuse of a 'hero'. Throughout the book she was only drooling all over Jace and his "perfect glowing golden angelic" features rather than bringing to notice things of actual importance to other people. Her mind was more on 'how do I make out with Jace without burning because screw the rest of the world and the war' rather than on 'ok what possible conclusions and advantages can I draw from my interaction with Sebastian that can possibly help us win this war?'

ALSO, since Jace was bonded with Sebastian and he helped with the "burn down the world" plan wouldn't he know that Sebastian was considering the Faeries as allies?? Wouldn't they have talked about it??

And nobody in the entire freaking shadowhunter and downwolder community realise that Meliorn is half faeire so he can lie?? NOT EVEN ISABELLE WHO DATED HIM?? How convenient for the plot.

I considered this a BIG plot hole in the two books. And obviously Cassandra Clare didn't think this through enough probably because she was thinking of ways to promote her next series characters (Emma, Julian etc) which nobody asked for. ( Like literally Emma has more Point of View Scenes in CoHF than Alec ---- seriously Clare?? For me this just shows that she isn't confident enough of her work for fans to be hooked to the new series)

Lesbian_Unicorn I agree with you about clary, she is such a wimp!
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Lesbian_Unicorn and my least favourite character
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