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Hi all, I've written an urban YA novel. It's quite short, complete at 45,000 words -- though I'm definitely looking to bump this up based on feedback. I can offer a thorough read + quick turnaround. Your book can be a work in progress or finished. I'll read anything up to 80,000 words. I'm hugely into romance and YA (bonus points here!).

If interested in a swap situation, leave a comment below or pm me!

message 2: by Andy (new)

Andy Nadir (anadir) | 9 comments Hello BA,
I just recently join this group in search of a Beta Reader for my new novel, A War With no End. It is a YA fantasy with a little bit of Science Fiction in it, and it is about 57,000 words. I am an avid reader and will glady exchange with you. I am willing to do a read through as well as some basic editing. Please let me know if you're interested!

message 3: by Bella (new)

Bella Ellwood-Clayton (drbella) | 31 comments Hi BA,

Yes - let's swap works. Mine is a YA romance, 75,000 words. My email is


message 4: by Palmfire (new)

Palmfire | 30 comments Hello,

I would like to swap books. Mine is a 40,000k book, and it's part one of a series, I am currently in the editing stage, and would love to have someone beta read it. My email is: I look forward in working with you.

message 5: by Mary (new)

Mary | 7 comments Hey :)

I'd love to swap with you. Not my whole book (the whole thing is 143K!) but maybe the first 4/5 chapters? Whatever you think is fair really.

It's a fantasy/romance with talking dragons and sexual content. Not sure if you want to go in cold or if you want more info. You can message me on GR or shoot me an email at

Also if you want to see my writing style first you can check it out here
(That was my NaNoWriMo book but not the one I'm looking for feedback on right now.)

Thanks !

message 6: by Lara (new)

Lara (gurlwhowrites) | 14 comments I'd love to do a swap with you!

I have a YA urban sci/fi WIP and would really love general thoughts on plot, pacing, characters, where the book seems to be going, etc. It is 60k words currently.

Shoot me an email at if you're interested!

message 7: by D.L (new)

D.L Jenkinson | 3 comments Hi, everyone. I've written a lengthy YA fantasy crossover novel and am looking for a beta reader to swap with; I primarily enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, but will regard other genres. It is 177,000 but will not expect all of it to be read, unless you care to. I can send any kind of file, i.e. doc., kindle, pdf. Thanks, Doug

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