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Melissa | 6 comments "If McKenna had planned the theft in advance, she would have waited a few nights until after the Full Moon Talks had concluded. But, dreams tend to come unbidden, and her’s had filled her with a foreign resolve to steal the Dragon Stone."

McKenna Alder is a 20-year-old sorceress and ex-refugee. She leaves the safety of her underground city to explore the upper world. There, she finds her kind enslaved and she is captured by a traveling circus.

McKenna must escape the circus with the help of her fellow sorcerers, but there are still many secrets McKenna doesn't know about the upper world, and about herself. Facing fire, dragons, and a powerful sorcerer determined to stop her, McKenna must lead her people in the fight against their enslavement.

I'm seeking a beta reader to read my complete, several-times beta-read and many times self-edited manuscript. Looking for opinions particularly on the beginning, clarity and consistency of concepts, and character impression.

I'm also particularly interested in my first chapter, as it's always the hardest. If you would prefer to just read the first chapter, that is welcome too.

Please comment if you're interested! Thanks!

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Cristal | 2 comments my schedule is currently empty and am mainly a high fantasy reader you can PM me if you are interested in an honest review. Good luck in your adventures

ReadWriteLove28 | 164 comments Hello! Your manuscript sounds interesting and I'd be happy to discuss beta reading for you.

I do charge a nominal fee for my beta reading, and would be happy to discuss it more thoroughly if you're interested.

I currently have spots open for July & August.

You can check out a list of testimonials from previous clients here:

If interested, you can contact me through my website. I look forward to hearing from you!


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