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My Lady Jane (The Lady Janies, #1)
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Lisa (lisamparkin) | 39 comments Mod
So sorry for the delay in posting this month's discussion!

To get us started:

- What did you think of the mix of the historical fiction setting with the fantasy of animal shape-shifting?

- If you could choose what animal you could change into what would it be?! I think I'd go with a kestrel...

- Who would you cast in the movie version of this book?!

Veronica (veronica_mitchell) I really enjoyed this book. I thought the story was well executed, especially with mixing fantasy with historical fiction. Jane was a very strong and relatable character for me. If I could choose an animal, I would choose a cat.

Betsy (namsmommy) | 5 comments I honestly probably wouldn't have picked this up at the store. Just reading the jacket and looking at the cover but I freaking LOVED it. The mix of fantasy and history is just right.

If I could choose any animal to shift into it would probably be one of the big cats, cheetah or something. They can run fast and still act indifferent to others. ;)

Let me think on the the movie casting.

Aisha (aisha_i) | 7 comments Im currently reading this and I love it. I am normally a fan of historical fiction anyway, but this is (mostly) historical fiction+fantasy+humor. I really can't wait to delve further into the characters. Looking forward to finishing it this weekend!

Jessica I loved how the authors were able to weave together these three different genres and make an exciting, wonderful story! Fantasy is my favourite genre, so seeing it mixed with historical fiction and humour was great! The little tidbits put into the novel throughout were just fantastic. I loved how they worked the animal magic into history and made it seem so realistic in a way. If I could choose an animal to turn into, it would probably be an otter :)

Great pick yet again! Thanks Lisa!

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