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Sorry and Morticum
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message 2: by Dobby (new)

Dobby (dobby0390) | 4931 comments Sam wrote: "Please combine:"


Please open a new thread next time as this one is linked to a specific book.

message 3: by Codex (new)

Codex | 3400 comments #1: Merged e-books and combined with paperback.

message 4: by Vi ~ Inkvotary (new)

Vi ~ Inkvotary (inkvotary) | 147 comments Dear Librarians,

could you please combine these two titles? This one is the kindle version of the second book in the Klara Walldéen series:

this is the original edition:

Thanks a lot
best wishes

message 5: by Renske (new)

Renske | 11546 comments 5 Done.

message 6: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 45488 comments Mod
It gets confusing when a thread linked to a specific book or author is also used for other books. I am closing this thread. Start new ones for other books.

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