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message 1: by kenna (new)

kenna So I'm currently writing a zombie apocalypse type of book with the POV of a girl named Blake who's working with two guys she hated in school to try and survive. I'm not sure if it's very good yet, I'm planning on editing it once I finish writing the first draft, but here's the link :)

message 2: by kenna (new)

kenna I made a Pinterest board for my book if you want to check it out :))

message 3: by Lena, Mage (new)

Lena (lenakarynn) | 1268 comments Mod
Isn't it so much fun finding pictures for characters!?! :)

message 4: by kenna (new)

kenna It is! I've been spending more time looking at pictures for the characters than actually writing about them xD

message 5: by Lena, Mage (new)

Lena (lenakarynn) | 1268 comments Mod
Yeah, that tends to happen to me too.... ;)

message 6: by Kaitlyn, Huntress (new)

Kaitlyn Deann (kaitlyn_deann) | 139 comments Mod
I followed your Pinterest board, Kenna! It's very interesting! Love it<3

message 7: by kenna (new)

kenna Ah, thank you! :)

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