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message 1: by Mely (new)

Mely Na | 3 comments Hello everyone,

I'm being a mess since last night trying to find a book I've read maybe 1 to 3 month ago (problem is I'm reading at least 3 new books each week end which doesn't help obviously).
As for the story, it's a contemporary romance novel series- Weirdly the only name that comes to mind is the one of a gynecologist called "roberta"-

So here is what I can tell you, The girl in the book has moved from here childhood hometown to have a carrer, she's in touch with her best friend (I would say her name is Molly but not sure) . The girl fall in love with her best friend brother in law who is a womanizer, but then decide to settle with her.

What I really do remember is the part where the girl learns she's pregnant (having a appointment with rob at 7pm, aka Roberta obgyn who was a friend of hers during college years), but thinking she's cheating her boyfriend had followed her and saw her in the arm of a guy (who is in fact the ob-gyn husband).

Dreading and exciting to go see her beau and announce the pregnancy she bought a baby baseball jersey, thing is, the guy thought she cheated on him with "rob" as he found the name on her schedule-

The misunderstanding lead the guy to cheat with a stripper and the girl to go back to her childhood hometown where her mom owns a dinner. While there ,she met with her ex boyfriend (with an unusual name I can't remember either)- she almost miscarried and is a mess of course.

Meanwhile her boyfriend is so depressed he's drinking a lot, partying, put fire in his flat while burning pictures of the two of them-

Finally he tries to get her back and go to her hometown where he is greeted by her unhappy mother, and his angry sister in law.
The misundertanding is solved and everything goes back to normal, kindda.

I'm sorry I know my description is messy because I don't remember the name of the characters nor the city where they live. But if someone can help I'll be forever grateful.
Thank you

message 2: by Megan (new)

Megan | 23 comments Do you remember if it was a western setting?

message 3: by Mely (new)

Mely Na | 3 comments I think the girl was from somwhere in the middle west or south, but the majority of the story take place in the east coast (if my memory is working correctly)

message 4: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Matthews I think it is Twisted. Lots of similarities for sure. Good luck.

message 5: by Mely (new)

Mely Na | 3 comments Melissa wrote: "I think it is Twisted. Lots of similarities for sure. Good luck."
That's it, thank you very much for your help.

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