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message 1: by Soon-yiHearto (new)

Soon-yiHearto do you have a cosplay group or do your friends have one that you are in?

message 2: by Grantaire (new)

Grantaire (americajapan) | 16 comments Ummmm
I guess it's mine cause I'm the vet. Cosplayer/con goer

message 3: by Soon-yiHearto (new)

Soon-yiHearto ok. im in a cosplay group. me and kyoko on goodreads created it(well, we came up with it with our friends)

we are called bamboozleninajspro

message 4: by Grantaire (new)

Grantaire (americajapan) | 16 comments We don't have a name yet ^^'''

message 5: by Soon-yiHearto (new)

Soon-yiHearto oh ok. we only have like 3 videos tho. i thought we would have more time over the summer but we are all so busy

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