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May Book Club: Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres

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message 1: by Marianne (last edited Jul 05, 2016 02:25PM) (new)

Marianne Pierres (mariannedepierres) | 79 comments Mod
Hi Everyone,

My apologies that book club is running a month behind. I will endeavour to catch it up in July. I'd like to thank the girls for wanting to review my YA book BURN BRIGHT.

Here's what they thought:

Hope everyone is well?

Discussion Topics

Sealed compounds stipulate that their people suppress emotion, deny themselves company aside from close family, and live a life of abstinence. Ixion is the polar opposite, expecting its wards to party en masse, take capsules to accentuate emotions, and only pause for sleep. Which of the existences would you prefer?


message 2: by Ju (new)

Ju Transcendancing (transcendancing) I"m so behind on everything as well! I didn't finish a single book in June!

message 3: by Ju (new)

Ju Transcendancing (transcendancing) In relation to the discussion topic, I'd find the sealed compounds something of a torture device. That said, the free-for-all of Ixion has its downsides as well, but I'd overall find myself much more able to *be* myself there. Maybe too much so? Who knows? I feel like a little balance goes a long way when looking at these ideas.

message 4: by Joelene (new)

Joelene | 3 comments I think I agree. I love time to think and time to myself but both seem to be in short supply in the Sealed compounds. At least there's some freedom on Ixion.

message 5: by Belinda. (new)

Belinda. Hamilton (belindahamilton) | 16 comments Mod
I think I'd be an Ixion girl too. I like a hug too much. No touching in the Sealed compound.

message 6: by Marianne (new)

Marianne Pierres (mariannedepierres) | 79 comments Mod
Definitely an Ixion girl. You'd have trouble getting me out of there!

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