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Please put characters in progress in spoilers. Brainstorming posts do not need to be in spoilers.

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fuck mobile (view spoiler)

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▪ | brainstorms ]

. elizabeth olsen fc
. something something
. sophomore
. 16
. curious, adventurous
. "she saw the world not always as it was but perhaps as it could be with just a little bit of magic"

. kat mcnamara fc
. siobhan macsomething
. junior
. 17
. awkward, kind of extroverted
. "i am not an angel,' i asserted; 'and i will not be one till i die: i will be myself"

. john boyega fc
. benjamin something
. junior
. 17
. cynical, disbelieving
. "and? what'd he say?"

. zakaria khiare fc
. senior
. 18
. polo captain
. rich & pretentious ( that's how the world sees him anyway )
. really gay ( nobody knows though so shh )

. ashley moore fc
. 'wut, people hate me?'
. very nice person
. swimmer
. has really frizzy hair
. wants to go into modelling
. sophomore? junior?

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@shad i kid u not i was looking for fcs and happened across line brems and thought "if i had the tennis capt i would 100% use line brems"

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@shah omg I saw her in an aftg edit too and like she has that photoshoot on a tennis court and I saw there was a claim for a female tennis capt and I was like ".......line brems??" but srsly she's gorgeous

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thought showers ; brainstorms are so violent

ava yeong ;; freshman (x)
— fc jeon somi
— twins w/ aiden
— likes history and facts
— "did you know that — "
— also "according to my research — "
— is the type of girl that teachers are like "she's reading way beyond normal level u need to make her stop"
— she spent 90% of scripture class talking about the theory of evolution and stuff

nikita chan ;; junior (x)
— fc elkie chong
— tries to act like old money; fails a bit
— knows tonnes of brand name stuff though like knows them like the back of her hand
— life philosophy: any publicity is good publicity
— she's got a reputation bc she dresses just a little more revealing and bends over just a little more to keep ppl wrapped around her finger
— very scared and insecure bc her family hates her mom bc they think she's a gold digger and by extension, her
— cousins by marriage w/ jinyoung and they hate each other but pick on either of them and u have the other to answer to

alphonse fitzgerald ;; senior (x)
— fc brian kang
— adopted
— actually 19 years old rly embarrassed about it ok not a lot of ppl know
— he came to st agatha's in sophomore year after things got too bad at his old school
— by that i mean there was a vicious rumour going around that he was gay
— worst thing was the rumour made alphonse realise he was gay
— he had to repeat sophomore year at st agatha's because he was so stressed at his old school he learnt nothing

xavier au ;; junior/senior idk yet (x)
— fc wen junhui
— his face is in the dictionary
— right there next to overachieving, cocky and asshole
— that's right he's an overachieving cocky asshole
— he can do anything
— knows he's good looking what a sucker
— gay gay gay gay gay actually bisexual but leaning towards dudes
— his (paternal mostly) family's really embarrassed about their gay son so they shipped him off to boarding school and he was like :C
— so he's overachieving to save his family reputation and to impress his new dad
— it's ok his baby stepbrother loves him very much but they never see each other that much it's tragic
— briefly dated jinyoung it didn't work out they're bff's tho so it's ok

the "idk" batch ; (aka i might delete them if i have no ideas)

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i wanna see your peacock-cock-cock (view spoiler)

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you love it shad
and thank u minx

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aina (view spoiler)

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attiq (view spoiler)

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tori | 5 comments yass. she slays

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