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Key players are to be claimed here. You may only claim one key player. These are largely first-come, first-served. This is a Clue-inspired RP and thus these are your suspects. Please keep in mind that each key player has a tie to the crime in some way and be aware that you may choose the killer. All of them were in the West Hall at the time of the crime.

mr. reeves' sister (f): tba (aubree)
student council president: tba (dyanne)
newspaper editor: tba (rea)
tennis captain (f): tba (shad)
polo captain (m)*: tba (kaya)
headmaster's son (m)*: tba (scout)
foreign exchange student**: tba (corina)
transfer student***: tba (jennalyn)
* These two characters must be in a (secret) relationship with each other.
** The foreign exchange student may be from any country.
*** The transfer student has just started for the new semester and has no clue what's going on.

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anya forger ⭐ (jim) (sungkew) | 23 comments yo, i'll go for that transfer student claim
why not i guess lol

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okie dokie~

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