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Complete fiction in Spanish, controversy

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Francisco Ponce palmero | 5 comments hello, I'm Francisco from Spain, I have been reading HPL for decades but it has been recently that I bought his complete fiction published by Valdemar in two hardbacks, the thing is that they don't consider Under the pyramids and In the walls of Eryx 100% lovecraftian tales but collaborations, I know about Harry Houdini but there is a controversy in Spain because some readers consider the two tales 100% lovecraftian what do you think? who's got the reason?

pd I hope you excuse my poor English

message 2: by Cuniculus (last edited Jul 04, 2016 11:57AM) (new)

Cuniculus Potterton Hello Francisco,

as far as I know, Under the Pyramids aka Imprisoned with the Pharaos featured Houdini as main character and narrator and was marketed as a true experience story by Houdini, but was in fact written by Lovecraft as a single ghostwriter, so the story is indeed 100% Lovecraft.

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