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what is your favorite book you have read in this club so far?

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message 1: by Mac (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) What is your favorite book that you have read in this group so far?

message 2: by Ema (new)

Ema Janeska | 156 comments Carry on by Rainbow Rowell

message 3: by Yasmin (new)

Yasmin Halliwell Fraser Bower | 297 comments Lady Midnight!

message 4: by Mac (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) I actually just got here so I haven't read one yet. But I can't wait to read one! :)

message 5: by Abby (new)

Abby Mendoza | 39 comments Fangirl or Clockwork Princess

message 6: by Mac (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) Okay, now it is the Sorcerers Stone. :)

message 7: by Nikki (new)

Nikki | 154 comments Sorcery stone

message 8: by ella (new)

ella  | 48 comments When was it said that... Sorcerer's Stone? What? Makes since kind of, but what?

message 9: by Mac (new)

Mac (excessiveannotations) Ella wrote: "When was it said that... Sorcerer's Stone? What? Makes sense kind of, but what?"

Ok, I am just assuming that you are asking when we read it. It is the July book of the month, but if that wasn't the question, reply with the right one.

message 10: by Katelyn (new)

Katelyn | 5 comments The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan!

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