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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments  photo 68747470733a2f2f34352e6d656469612e74756d626c722e636f6d2f36326133663734396566663233346632383930396_zpsrexf5o4z.gif
Name: Crispin Philip Arthur Russell
Nickname: Russell, Scorpion
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Appearance: Crispin has a soft milky complexion that is speckled with a few light colored freckles. He has dark red hair that appears to changes shades in different lighting. His eyes are a striking blue, with flecks of golden brown scattered in the irises. His body is lean but muscular, and he stands at a height of about six feet.
 photo 7d4b41ae7fcc4e07c0caa890d9bf2644_zpsgwvkvqrw.jpg
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Personality: Crispin is a cold hearted man that could care less about other people. He feels no remorse about the people he’s killed, he doesn’t even think twice about it anymore. Because of his line of work he doesn’t trust anyone not even, what you could call, his employers. He very rarely acts on impulse, he always likes to have a plan before making a move. He loves his job, but isn't some psychotic serial killer. He just does a job and gets paid for it. He tends to hide his emotions with jokes and sarcasm, never letting onto what he’s really feeling. He hasn’t shown emotion for anyone in a long time, and most of it is due to not wanting too. He’s been burned terribly in the past and refuses to allow it to happen again. So he shut down that part of his heart, and became the killer he needed to be.
 photo Vbk_WfKkvc4_zpsqf1mpsbr.jpg
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History: Crispin was born into a family of warriors and trained his entire life to become one. His family was slaughtered by a group of men a long time ago. That loss making him into the man he is today. He no longer feels any remorse for the people he’s killed in battle, it’s just part of the job now. Though he did make sure to take revenge on the men who dared to harm his family, and he honestly enjoyed every moment of it. ((More detailed history will be RPed))
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Other: Crispin always has this jewelry on, it all once belonged to his father who died in battle years ago.
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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments

Name: Quinnton "Quin" Gold

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Appearance: Quinnton has silver hair that he inherited from his mother. His eyes are a soft, honey brown, just like his fathers. He has a very small posture and size. His softer skin shows that he's lived a comfortable life with little to no manual labor. His face and arms are dotted with soft freckles that give him a softer look.

Personality: Quin is fairly soft spoken. He doesn't like arguing and usually tries to stick to the point. The only time he gets loud is when someone is being unfair. Quinnton gets easily frustrated at people who are being unreasonable. He usually tries to do what he thinks is best, never being unruly and always trying to follow the rules and laws. Quin is easy to believe people who show him kindness. Overall he has a lot more training in order to be king.

Bio:  Once there was constant war between two kingdoms. One was a large city, filled with gold and shops that fueled the kingdom's economy to make it one of the most wealthy and powerful. The other was small and quaint. Supplying rare healing poultices that can cure almost any wound, filled with magic. The larger of the kingdoms wanted to destroy the smaller one, wanting the magic forest around it for themselves, believing that was the supply for the powerful magic they produced. Though on the surface, it seemed it would be easy to differentiate who would win, the smaller kingdom showed their armies power. Somehow being able to battle equally with their smaller numbers. The smaller kingdom wished for peace, so when the larger one requested a truce, the smaller one was quick to agree. They came to the agreement that the two could work in peace, the kingdoms would unite, The smaller one giving the larger a supply of their magic potions. As a sign if peace, the king from the smaller kingdom sent down their youngest, yet most beautiful daughter to the king. She had long, silver hair and eyes that looked like liquid blue. She was married to the oldest Prince, the two of the same age. Soon after, Quinnton Gold was born, the child baring the silver hair of his mother and the freckles of the other royal family. Being born a symbol of peace amoung the kingdoms.

Other than this, Quinnton lived a comfortable life. His father taught him a few things of running the kingdom. While his mother told him stories from her kingdom. Tales of magic and glory. He still holds on to them today. He learned the basics of sword fighting from his mother and the lead knight. Though he only owns a magic, enchanted dagger from his mother.

Other: His dagger has a curved blade and a handle shaped like a dragon. Weird symbols are carved into the blade.

He has an expensive charm necklace that has a small deer made of metal on it.

ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Yeah your character looks great! I only had one picture. Tell me if it doesnt show uo and ill try to fix it.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments Thanks, and your's is great as well. :)

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments Where do you think we should start it off at?
Also can you start?

ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments I can start, and Ill probably start it as the prince sneaks out of the castle and tries to leave on his own.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments Okay, that sounds good. :)

ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin moved to leave the castle. It was late at night, his father was planning defenses. It was honestly sad how easy it was to get out. .. the Kingdom was in such a broken mess. Quin slid out, moving a long red cloak around his body, tightening it around his shoulders before pulling the hood over his head. Making sure tobhide his hair. If anyone where to see that, they'd know instantly who he was. The last thing Quin wanted was to be sent back to the castle. He needed to do something to save his kingdom. And he refused to sit back and watch as his kingdom was destroyed. So with one last look behind him, he headed into the night.

The moon was held high in the sky. Just a small sliver as he headed down the center of town. He walked towards the town exit, unsure of where tobgo from here. . Or how to even get there. Whatever. He figured he could find it on his own. No matter what, he doubted it would be too hard. He'd figure it out as time went on. He could do this.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments Crispin sighed softly as he looked out over the land, trying to decide which way he was going to travel, whose side he wanted to fight for. He knew that the kingdom he was born and raised in was losing the fight, and he really didn't much care place never did much for him so he wasn't taking that into consideration in his decision. What he wanted out of the deal was money, but he knew he wasn't going to be getting any from either side. So now he was just trying to decide if he should do the moral thing and help the loosing side, or go to the other side, with people who probably wouldn't except his help anyway.

After a while Crispin decided to just join the ranks of the men he hated, fight was a fight whether he was paid or not and that was always the fun part of his job anyway. so with that thought in mind he turned around and headed back towards the people he was now planning on protecting. It was night fall by time he made in back into town and decided to find a place to sleep before signing up for the fight. on his way to the inn though he spotted someone moving through the streets with some sort of cloak, a hood covering his head. He thought it looked weird but didn't think to much about it until the man ran into him a few moments later.

Crispin sighed softly, trying to let his anger settle, but it wasn't working, well until he saw the man he ran into. At the sight of the silver hair he knew who it was immediately and his anger vanished quickly turning into amusement. "Oh god really, you" he said and chuckled softly. "What you doing outside your suave castle prince"

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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin knew he was in trouble when his hood moved just enough to show his hair. Just a sliver of silver in the moonlight lit it up and made it obvious who it was. He swallowed, quickly pulling the hood back to cover his face. He was tempted to play it like he didn't know what he was talking about... but he knew that was a stupid idea. Sighing, he crossed his arms under the cloak.

"Who are you? And why should I have to tell you anyways?" He started, his voice soft with just a hint of a passive agressive tone to it. But mainly it sounded like a whisper. "But if you have to know, I'm pretty sure you see the damage the kingdom is in, and, well, someone has to do something about it."

He prepared himself to run. Most likely situation was the guy was going to try and send him back to the castle and that really wasn't an option. Not until he came back with help.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments Crispin shrugged, "You're right, don't really care" he said, but the young prince started talking anyway, so with a sigh he listened, and again couldn't hold back a laugh. "I'm sorry but You how the hell are You going to help the kingdom" he said and chuckled softly again with a small shake of his head. "Why don't you run along back to your palace" he said, not carrying enough to actually take him back, or he would. Would probably get some kind of reward for it actually, which made him stop and think about it for a moment. Nah, still wasn't worth it. That didn't mean he couldn't stick around to see what the scrawny young man had planned though, he was in need of a good laugh after all. "But first, why don't you let me in on your ridiculous plan, might stop me from dragging your ass back to the palace myself" he said, though he was definitely bluffing on that part.

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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin swallowed before glancing around. He knew how he'd react. No one who came from this kingdom believed in the Legend. Everyone here thought the Queen's people were crazy. But he sighes as he went to explain himself. "I'm heading to the temple of Justice... My mother told me about it. If you go there and a legendary warrior can be summoned if someone needs help." He turned and started walking. "So I need to go aa soon as possible. Its a long journey and I do not have time to waste. " He'd picked up on a bit of disinterest. So he was hoping the guy would back off a bit. He didn't have time to waste. It would take at least a month to get back and forth. And that was if he just walked continuously. So now, he just had to get this going. While the legend of the Temple wasn't believed by most, many knew tbe supposed location, barried deep in a forest far from here. The path was well known to be dangerous. Bandits always sat outside the last stretch of land before the woods. It wasn't a trip for an ameture.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments Crispin shook his head slightly, actually able to hold back his laughter this time, and instead of heading into the inn he decided to follow him for a moment. "Oh you mean this that myth that you're insane mothers people came up with. That's interesting" he said and shook his head once more. "And you think you'll be able to handle the trip on your own. Mister skin and bones, guy whose never left the palace before" he said and chuckled softly. "Also you're going the wrong way. The forest in the legion is that way" he said and pointed to the left of him. He wasn't off by much and would still make there the way he was going, but it would take him several days more. "But hey, have fun being murdered and what not" he said and flashed a smile before turning back and heading towards the inn.

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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin was getting tired of this. He'd had enough of this guy and he didnt even know who he was. But he knew very well he couldn't do this alone. It was why he was planning on finding someone to come with him. He carried enough gold to pay someone for the help too. But he wasn't about to even try with this guy. Whoever he was. "I know what I'm doing! I plan on hireing help to fight battles for me. I'm not an idiot. I know I dont have enough abilities to do this on my own." Quin huffed before he tugged his hood over his head. Not really having more to add as he went to leave.Whatevet this guy had to say next, he wasn't interested. Honestly he was just so angry at this point. People who called his mother's tales Crazy where just ingorant. His mother and her whole kingdom could take out 100 men from this kingdom with just one of their own. Yet somehow their stories of magic and powerful warriors always seemed like lies they came up with.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments "Well good luck finding someone who won't drag you back to the palace" Crispin said without even turning around. He walked into the inn without another word, which was luckily also a saloon. Right now he would really use a drink so instead of walking over to the front desk to get a room right away he walked over to the bar and purchased a cheap bottle of rum. He thought about staying downstairs, but decided to just drink up in his room, so he didn't have to deal with any drunks. Crispin shoved the bottle of booze in his bad before walking over to the front desk and paying a room.

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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin huffed and kept going. He wasn't about to be stopped. Not this early. He left town, getting out without anyone stopping or noticing him. But after a few hours of his absence, it was obvious that the Royal family had taken notice of his absence. Putting out guards in search of his return. Guards patrolled the town, and after a few more hours signs began to go up. Offering a 100 gold reward to find the Prince and return him to the Palace. Obviously the King and Queen had no idea of their son's idea. And soon the entire kingdom started to fear the worse of their prince.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments Crispin woke up earlier the next day and basically left the inn right away, he had no reason to stay any longer. On his way out he saw several signs about the prince, but he mostly ignored them. Though after awhile he saw one with the reward on it and he stopped. He was probably the only one who knew where the kid was going. Might as well bank on the opportunity. So with that thought in mind he started heading in the same direction has the prince. Crispin knew the kid had hours lead on him, but he figured that wouldn't really matter. Crispin knew theses streets better and knew short cuts to get to places faster and he stole a horse from some drunk guy in a saloon so he was moving pretty quickly.

After several hours Crispin finally spotted the hooded figure from before, his lanky form very familiar. He quickly manured the horse to stop in front of the prince before hoping off. "Good to see ya again Princy" he said with a smile. "Man you wouldn't believe all the publicity you've brought onto yourself, sneaking out of the castle like that" he said and looked around able to see at least five signs from where he was standing. "Anyway I think it's time you go back"

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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin had spent the night in the sleeping bag he had brought with him. It was weird to sleep on the ground. It was also terrifying to sleep on his own. But he slept okay, waking up early before he started heading off again. That was when he saw the man ride up on the horse. Grumbling to himself when he cut him off his path. "Yesterday you didn't seem to care, why all of the sudden do you care." He paused, slowly it sunk in why this man was probably here. He let his eyes roll under his cloak. "Now move, I need to get going. "

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments Crispin paused a moment seemingly thinking it over then just shook his head, "Nah, I think I'm just going to take you back to the castle" he said and gently pulled the man to a stop, thinking it was wise to return him in one piece rather then full of bruises. "It's not exactly worth one hundred coins, but I don't have anything else to do at the moment. So it'll work" he said with a smile. "And hey you can always just escape the castle again, though I'm sure they'll have twice as many guards watching you now"

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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin moved to slowly grab his dagger from his waiste. But he paused when the man mentioned the gold he had been offered. Quickly the plan slowly formed in his head. "Only 100 gold? Thats barely anything... I'll give you 300 gold to back off... " Quin offered, fingers still looped around the handle of his dagger incase things went south from here. "Or... you could really make bank by helping me to the temple."

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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments "Yeah maybe, but if you want to make any kind of deal you'll be taking your hand off that dagger" Crispin said giving him a threatening look. He didn't survive this long by being oblivious, he makes a point of noticing everything around him, it's what has kept him alive for so long. "Now do you have this money on you, because I don't take IOUs" he said with a smirk. Though he was kind of more interested in this temple meant more money, even if it did involve the spoiled prince. Might be worth it.

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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin pauses and takes his hand off the dagger. He wasnt about to fight over it. Besides the guy could probably kick his ass anyways. He moved his hands to the edge of his cloak. "Yeah, I don't make empty promises. I have enough money on my to pay you 300 Gold. And if it makes you feel better, I can give you half now." Quin offered. He'd heard his dad do the same. It works to get people inspired... he believed. "Not to meantion who knows what's at the temple. Their could be tons of treasures."

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments Crispin nodded slightly, "Yeah, but what's keeping me from just taking the tree hundred and then bringing you in for the one hundred" he said, more thinking out loud then threatening the prince. He was definitely considering it, but he doubted it would work out in his favor. So with a heavy sigh he nodded slightly, "Fine, come on, but like I said you're going the wrong way" he said giving a pointed look, since it was obvious the prince hadn't listened to him before. "Going this way" he said again pointing to the left of him. "Will shave about five to ten days off your trip, depending on how quickly your going and how long your stops are" he said.

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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin hesitated before swallowing. He didnt like this idea. This man seemed like a heathen. Hopefully he could loose him eventually. That wouldn't be too much of a problem. He would have rather got more appriciative help then this man. But with a quiet grunt hs changed his direction. Walking in the pointed oath with a hurried stride. Obvioudly he wasn't going to be slow just because he was new to travel. He had a goal. And he had to reach it as soon as possible.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments Crispin shook his head slightly when the guy didn't say anything and just begrudgingly went in the direction he had indicated. "Well this will be fun" he whispered to himself and chuckled softly before climbing up onto the horse and galloping over to the prince, "Hey kid climb on, might go a little fast on a horse" he said and after a moment offered his hand down to help the man up. He figured he'd be able to do it on his own, but might be easier with a little help.

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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin paused and looked up. A horse would definitely be faster. And it would stop his feet from hurting so much. He paused, accepting the hand to get up on the horse. Trying to figure out how to do it as time goes on. But he's never been on a horse before. So honestly, he had no idea how to mount one. So after a bit of a struggle to get on, Quin cleared his throat. "Thank you." Was all he barely said, his vouce back to being a soft whisper.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments Crispin sighed softly as the prince struggled to get up, even with help. From the look of it didn't even seem like the guy had ever been on a horse. Which really wouldn't really surprise him to be honest. At the thank you he just nodded slightly and told him to hold on before nudging the the horse a bit, sending the creature off running through the streets.

Several hours later they finally left the limits of the town well sort of anyway, and started getting into the section where they wouldn't have to worry about guards catching them anymore, but something much worse. Bandits. They weren't anywhere near the forest yet but now they were basically going through no mans land, and it was pretty much free for all all the time. It was still part of the kingdom but guards and what you could call the authorities didn't bother going out this far. After a while he pulled to a stop, "Get off and stretch a bit, or you'll regret it later." he said and easily slide off the horse and stretched a bit. "Keep an eye out though, can't trust anyone around these parts."

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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin looked around as they rode the horse, watching ast the veiw passed them in a quick motion. He had never been out of the town. Never stepped out of the kingdom. If someone had to leave the castle, it was always his father. He would stay home with his mother. Now he was seeing the outside of the town. It was... amazing. Yet he glanced around.

When the horse stopped, he glanced back at Crispin. Watching as he talked before hoping off the horse. He tried to be carefully, but he stumbled a bit. He looked around the area. There didn't seem too be much that caught his eye. "How long should we stop for?" He asked before he walked around to look over the horse. He'd never seen one up close before.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments "Long enough to stretch and get something to eat" Crispin said and looked around a little bit. There were only a few building around and most of them were illegally run businesses but none that sold food. After a moment of looking around he pointed down the street a bit, "down there, it's a bar, probably be able to get something in there" he said and took the horse by the reigns and started guiding him towards the bar. "When you get inside no one is probably going to recognize, even with the hair. These people have been untouched by your kingdoms grace for years. But if they do recognize you run, because they hate the royals" he said.

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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin nodded as he pulled the hood back over his head. He didn't want anyone to reconize him. That could be dangerous for more than one reason. Being sent home would be the least of his problems in a place like that. Someone could hold him for ransom... or worse. He shook his head, moving to gently pet the horse. He'd always really liked animals... though he hadn't really seen too many before. "Why do people hate 'royals'?" He asked, looking over to the other man with a curious look.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments Crispin stopped walking and turned back to look at the prince, "Maybe because you're father basically threw these people to the wolves" he said and rolled his eyes slightly. "this is still part of the kingdom, but do you see any guards, any authorities trying to keep people save" he questioned looking around a little bit before turning his gaze back to the prince. "The royals abandoned this part of the kingdom fifteen years ago, during the last big war" he said and chuckled softly. "And you're people are so great that he left the families of the people fighting for him behind" he said with a small smile. "Most warrior came from these parts back in the day, guess your family didn't much care about that little fact" he said.

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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin paused and looked forward again. That was... cruel. Extremely harsh thing for his father to do. But.. he didnt know he'd do something like that. With a sigh he adjusted his hood more over his head. "That's a very good reason to hate someone." He commented softly. Not sure what else to say. Maybe when he got back he'd bring this up with his father. Hopefully he could convince him to fix what he'd done wrong. At least a little.

When they got closer to the bar, he crunched his face up slightly as the smell of alcohol and such wafed out in thick waves that caught the prince off guard. He groaned and rubbed his face. He could get over the smell easily, it would just take him a moment.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments Crispin snorted at the prince's sudden reaction to the smell, "If you can't handle, stay out here" he said, then without another word he tied the horse up to one of the posts before entering the bar. He was used to the alcohol smell, and was also used to the slightly urination smell that was coming from some of the corners.

Crispin walked up to the bar and gave the barkeep a slight nod, "Hey you got any food back there?" he questioned, because not every bar actually sold food, mostly just booze. "Anything edible would be fine" he said and flashed the guy a smile before sliding ten gold coins over the bar.

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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin hesitated before moving to follow Crispin inside. The atmosphere was unusual. It was stuffy. Felt like a fight could break out at any moment. The smell was just aa bad. He was ao used to everything constantly being clean. But he sucked it up. Pulling his scarf over his mouth to cover up the smell. It definitely helped a bit. He paused before climbing up on one of the bar stools. He tried to ignore rhe fact that he was so uncomfortable. Physically, mentally? Really in every category. But he needed to get over it. His stomach growled and he bit his bottom lip slightly. He was really hungry. Unused to not eating for such a long period.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments After a while the bartender brought out some food and set in on the counter n front of Crispin. "Thanks" he said and flashed the guy a smile before passing the plate over to the prince. "Eat" he said before just ordering himself a glass of whiskey. He wasn't really hungry, and he had a few things he could eat in his bag later anyway. So this little stop was mostly for his Highness, but he was also kind of hoping the guy would just hate this lowly lifestyle so much that he'd just give up.

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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin looked over the food for a moment. It wasn't what he was used to. Not the fancy feast he had at home. But some food was better than no food. So he quickly dove into the meal. It wasnt as bad as it looked. Probably wasn't made to look fancy like his usual meals. But the taste wasn't the worst thing he's ever had. He looked over at Crispin. Looking a bit confused. "Shouldn't you eat too?" He asked, looking over the man with curious intent. "You don't want to become exhausted. "

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments Crispin shook his head slightly, "No I'm fine" he said and sighed softly. "Now shut up and eat" he said and slid off the stool and walked over to the corner of the bar to talk to someone. He wasn't exactly sure how to get to where he this forest was, just the general direction, so he planned on asking an old friend. The word friend was kind of stretching it a bit, but they weren't currently enemies.

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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin gave a nod before he kept eating. He wasn't sure what to think of all this yet. Getting to the temple was going to be hard. But he was determined. He wasn't going to give up, and he wasn't going to head back. No matter what he had to do this was going to get done. If he didnt do it... he might not have a home to go back to... that was a scary thought. But it gave him enough determination to keep going. He watched Crispin from his seat... he didn't know what to thing of that guy... other than he was a bit of a dirt bag. Or at least thats how he came off.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments Crispin got done talking to the man and quickly paid him, because every man in this bar was basically just looking for a hand out or a way to cheat someone out of their money. Though everyone also knew better then try to cheat him so he really wasn't worried about it.

Crispin sighed softly and walked back over to the prince, "Are you done eating yet" he asked after a few moments. "Got some directions, should cut a few hours off the trip if we move quick enough" he said and down his glass of whiskey before ordering another one.

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ThePriemereQueer | 25 comments Quin quickly finished eating as he saw Crispin finish up his conversation. He gave a quick nod as the warrior walked back over. The boy's silver hair and hood bouncing slightly with his nod. "Yeah, im done eating." He said as he watched the man take another shot of whiskey. He didnt really like the smell off it. All hed ever drank like that was his father's wine. Nothing stronger or nothing less refined then wine had ever passed his lips. So watching the other man drink it made him feel a little sick. But only from the idea of drinking it himself. "So, Quin started as he rocked in his seat." What do we do next? When are we heading off again?"

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 906 comments "We keep going until we can't anymore and then we stop for the night" Crispin said and paid the bar keep before walking away from the bar and out of the building, back over to his horse. There really wasn't much planning involved in a trip like this, just make sure you have supplies and are ready for an attack, because in a place like this their are thieves everywhere. He climbed up onto his horse and waited for the prince, a little impatiently since the guy seemed to take forever to climb up onto the damn animal.

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