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message 1: by Evan (new)

Evan Clark | 0 comments From July 4th through 6th, the time-travel novel The Anachronist Girls will be available for free on Kindle. No obligation, no requirements, just free digital words.

You can find it here:

Synopsis (from the cover):

Chronically adrift Rose isn't ready to meet Emile Belmont. Yet he offers everything she's dreamed of: wealth, stability, whirlwind romance. Rose believes their life together is perfect until the day Emile vanishes, leaving a trail of bizarre clues behind.

Easter exists in two worlds. Shattered by a childhood of wonder and violence, she slips between the real world and a place of countless doors. Passages only she can open, leading into phantom palaces and tiger-stalked jungles.

Anita is haunted by an age beyond our own. Daughter of criminal and con-man Victor Larkey, she's learned to survive on her own, all the while dreaming of a city a thousand years away. A vast, mechanical city she has seen before and has vowed to find again.

Together, they will cross our world and others to uncover a plot centuries in the making. A plan which only they can stop...

Zippergirl | 29 comments Hi Evan,

Your book falls right into my fave zone. I'll try to read and review when I get a break.


message 3: by Evan (new)

Evan Clark | 0 comments Hi, Zip.

Thank you. I hope you enjoy it.

message 4: by abi (new)

abi (wicdiv) Is this only available through Amazon US?

message 5: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (michelle_sutton) | 19 comments Got it

message 6: by Evan (new)

Evan Clark | 0 comments Abigail wrote: "Is this only available through Amazon US?"

Hi, Abigail.

It may be limited, although I am not aware of which countries it may not be available in. If you are unable to get a copy via this link, PM me and I will attempt to get a copy to you.

Thank you.

Zippergirl | 29 comments Evan,

It's a winner--a time travel book I won't soon forget.

Review coming soon.


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