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message 1: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay | 37 comments Our member, Ines C. posted in our last nominations topic:

"I would like to nominate my book "A Model Tells All" for the Goodreads book of the month. As this is my first book and English not my native language, initial impressions and feedback would be greatly appreciated."

I think she deserves our feedback, don't you?

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jhaltenburger) sure. :)

message 3: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay | 37 comments Jennifer wrote: "sure. :)"

:D awesome!

Ines C | 5 comments I am honored. Thank you so much.

message 5: by Jamie (new) - added it

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 524 comments Mod
I need to try and get this book. Very exciting!

message 6: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay | 37 comments pg 78 - Loving the story so far, very quick read. I feel like I can so clearly picture your frustration, Ines. I am really enjoying your descriptions and how you include so many little details about the atmosphere and the moods people give off, even a cat.

message 7: by Jamie (new) - added it

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 524 comments Mod
So glad you are enjoying the book! I still need to try and get this. Grad School and summer have been busy.

Ines C | 5 comments Thank you so much.

message 9: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay | 37 comments has anyone else had a chance to delve into Ines' e-book?

message 10: by Jackie (new) - added it

Jackie Amsden | 5 comments Hi, I'm reading the book. Its a fun read--there are lots of details and your teen voice comes through strongly. As a former model myself I was impressed with how you stood up for yourself to agents and clients. I for example would have never even thought of demanding clients give me special meals. Then again, it's not like I would have eaten them anyway. Who needs "food" when you can burn a hole in your stomach with little tins of black coffee?

Anyway, I think what I would like to have seen more of is how your life overseas compared to your life in Serbia as the few times you mentioned it were really interesting. Also, I would have liked to hear from your voice as an adult and what your interpretations are now of those past events.

For those who like this book because of the glimpse into the modeling world that it provides I would also suggest Christine Hart's Stories Models Never Tell. I wrote a review of it here:

Also, I might as well pitch my book because, ehem, that's kind of what we writers do when we aren't glued to our computers drinking coffee (these days loaded with tons of fatty cream).

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