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Elizabetta Holcomb | 6 comments Mod
This month we will be reviewing The Archer's Daughter by Melissa MacKinnon. I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa at a recent book signing. We should note here that some Indie authors are published through smaller companies geared to Indie's. Most call these publishers 'vanity publishers' but don't let that deter you. There can be many great books discovered in this venue as well and should be considered an extension of the Indie movement (in my opinion). Give me your thoughts on this first selection for our Indie read. We will follow this thread to comment as we read. Please keep all topics related to this book on this thread. Thanks!

Elizabetta Holcomb | 6 comments Mod
I really want to like this book. It is well written, but almost to the point where I feel like I'm reading a history book. I struggle with this in my own writing. Being a history buff has its draw backs as not everyone gives a fig how much I love history. I REALLY like the hero so far, but not the heroine; perhaps I'm jealous--lol. I'm on Chapter 5, so It's going smoothly. However, I've skipped several long winded paragraphs and this concerns me. It could be that I have to 'work' to read this story and since I am reading for enjoyment, I expect it to be an easy read.

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