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Trina (Between Chapters) (trinabetweenchapters) | 129 comments Mod
Share the link to your July Monthly Recs post below!

message 2: by Hapinztki (new)

Hapinztki | 6 comments While you Americans celebrate I'm here to post my recommendations for this month

message 3: by April Sarah (new)

April Sarah | 19 comments Mod
Here it is! I actually remembered to do it this month. Yep, I did.

message 4: by Alexis (new)

Alexis  (TheSlothReader) This is my first month participating and I was mega excited to see this topic! Here is my video!

message 6: by Lucy (new)

Lucy Baldock (lucybaldock3) | 14 comments This was my favourite topic so far! Hope you enjoy:)

Trina (Between Chapters) (trinabetweenchapters) | 129 comments Mod
Here's my video about why these 8 fictional ladies mean so much to me. Won't lie, I teared while recording and editing.

message 9: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (whymermaids) (whymermaids) | 5 comments I missed last month, but I'm back with some BA females!

Sandra (youmaysayimareader) (youmaysayimareader) | 1 comments Hi!

This is my first time participating and what better theme than this one to start with? :)

Here's my post:


message 11: by A.R. (new)

A.R. Hellbender (unicornhunterbooks) | 19 comments Here are some of my favorite empowering female leads!

message 12: by Elouise (new)

Elouise (elle_biblio) | 7 comments I really restrained myself by only choosing 5 books, but they are definitely good ones!

message 13: by Aimee✨ (new)

Aimee✨ (readunderthestars23) | 2 comments I could have added so many more but I stopped at six.

message 14: by Raul (new)

Raul (latinlector) | 18 comments Hey guys!! I filmed this weeks ago but hadn't had time to post it until now. I loved this topic more than I thought I was going to.

message 15: by Aoife (new)

Aoife (aoifeluna) | 14 comments Some of my favourite ladies:

message 16: by K. (new)

K. | 16 comments I'm so bad at remembering to post links. Better late than never??

message 17: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea Better late than never! Here are my choices:

message 18: by Hannah Cassie (new)

Hannah Cassie (hannahcassie) Crazy month but still by some miracle managed to film it! :)

message 20: by Kary (new)

Kary | 1 comments Some of my favorite female leads:

message 21: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey | 22 comments Eeep! I almost didn't manage this month, but I squeezed it in last-minute!

message 22: by Aimee (new)

Aimee | 11 comments I had to wait for mine to go live--but I did get it up by a hair! What a fun topic!

message 23: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahannehayes) | 20 comments Forgot to post mine but here it is!

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