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Geoffrey Hill
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Geoffrey Hill

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T. Kozumplik | 11 comments Hello Tom,

I'm glad you posted this. I like that Sir Hill seems almost a throwback in style.

'When snow like sheep lay in the fold'
and 'dead cones upon the alder shook'
- From 'In Memory of Jane Fraser'

I was interested to note that he uses cloud and shroud together which I have done in one of my poems.

'The scummed pond twitches. The great holly-tree,
Emptied and shut, blows clear of wasting snow'
- From Piam Memoriam

Mercian Hymns is full of wonderful lines- it's my favourite by far.

Thanks for introducing me to this poet, Tom.

Best wishes,

Thomas Kozumplik

message 2: by T. (new)

T. Kozumplik | 11 comments Good news! Thanks for keeping us updated.

message 3: by T. (new)

T. Kozumplik | 11 comments I now want to listen to some of his podcasts

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