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message 1: by [deleted user] (last edited Jul 02, 2016 09:08PM) (new)

Yeah Yeah we all no that I come out with a TONNE of random phrases, words and abbreviations I use..so this is where i will be listing them...sorta like a K directory lols xD

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Okay I dont really no where to start lols

But how about

Packerjacked: Meaning to be so absolutely full that its brimming to the top with stuff

Sentence Example: The cupboard was soo packerjacked that there was no way you could fit anything more in there.

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Some phrases I like to use

Cotton-headed ninny-muggins
Oh Great Cheese muffins from hell
Great Flying strawberries
More cuckoo then a clock factory
Oh Fireflies from Hell
Holy Guacamole
Bursting Blueberries
Oh ma sweet onions
Blow ma lil cotton socks off
Laughing My Sweet Onions Off (LMSOO)
Laughing my cotton socks off (LMCSO)
Ohh sour raspberries
Sweet onions save us now
Flamin’ hellhounds
Dream on buttercup

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I love to say:
Crickey or Crickey Mate
Totally Barbarrick

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Awesomeness in a bubble - when something is soo awesome that it just cant be contained
Awesomeness in a bottle - when something is pretty dang awesome but the awesomeness has a limit bc its containable.
Awesomesaucy with extra sauce
absabloominlutely hilarious - something thats obviously just really really funny
Oops bloomin hilarious (OBH) - when you accidentally did something but it turned out to be hilarious
Terrabubble - something thats just really terrible
Yobozee - an upper class bogan
Wack On Crack (or more recently known as Wack on Quack) - meaning something that is just waaaaayyy too wacky to understand...it then just becomes wack on crack
Cray Cray - something thats just really way out there crazy.
Chilliwack - Means something thats just unexplainably crazy....oh boy wow thats just totally chilliwack!!!

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That is not a word k uses daveo....this is a k directory to her language....

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Hahaha thought u might appreciate it lols xD a guide to the language hahahahaha

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes yes I'm getting there lols I'll set a new thread for nicknames lols xD this is just my words and phrases lol

And I hope the guide is most useful for u hehe

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Hmm just came across a new one today when I
Burnt my finger

Jimeny crickets

Other words I use:

Confuzzled/confuzzlement etc - to express my confusion
And wowch that hurt like a blowfish
Stars Above OR Ohh Stars (it really kinda just depends on the moment and whats more suitable)
Ohhh My Hat (Yes my fuzzily really does like my hats ;) don't u sis?)

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