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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Name: Scarlett Chase
Age: 17
DOB: July 28th
Personality: Scarlett tends to be a bit flirty and spontaneous. Cheering through out high school she hated how predictable the other girls in the squad were until she got close with . She loves taking risks and falls in love easily.
Hobbies: Photography and singing. Trying to learn guitar, but struggling greatly.
Bio: Being an only child her parents have had a hard time letting go as her senior year was coming to a close. They have always been relaxed about most things, her growing up hasn't been one of them. She has her life planned out in her mind and has told them all of it helping them learn to let go as she tries to find herself and enjoy her life.
Appearance and Style:

((Working on my guy now! ^.^))

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maddie | 449 comments
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" ↱ B R O O K E : E D E N : D Y L A N S↲ "
| seventeen | female | july first | cancer |
♠┊human ‧ student at gatlin high school
♠┊middle class ‧ aspiring artist / director

━ reticent ⇅ not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily
━ headstrong ⇅ self-willed and obstinate
━ independent ⇅ free from outside control; not depending on another's authority
━ sarcastic ⇅ marked by or given to using irony in order to mock or convey contempt

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( b ) rooke had quite a harsh beginning. eight years after her birth, her mother abandoned both she, her father and older brother all together, leaving without a trace. her father locked himself in his study most days and stuck to his work. her brother often took care of her, and when offered a scholarship for college, declined so he could take care of her. after that brooke mostly stuck to popularity. she didn't really want it, but it was the only way she could keep any sane friends for the most part. she was a partier, often drinking and staying out late, but deep down she loved to draw and film, hoping one day she could live up to her dream, but never feeling she'd get the chance too.

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ you'll never grow up. you're never gonna be a man, peter pan.

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maddie | 449 comments haha i love it too!!! i'm a sucker for country music >.>

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Name: Austin Wickes
Age: 18
DOB: September 14th
Personality: Hard headed beyond belief, he thinks he is always right. He can be cocky when it comes to girls because he thinks they all find him attractive.
Hobbies: Enjoys writing and reading though he would never admit it to any one.
Bio: Raised by his aunt and uncle because his parents died in a car wreck when he was three years old. They let him get away with a lot more than they should have, but they had a hard time telling him no since they were never able to have children of their own and ended up spoiling him because of the loss of his parents and their loss of not getting to have kids.

((His is a bit short since I couldn't find gifs. >.<))

maddie | 449 comments
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" ↱ I S S A C : Q U E N T I N : R O W E ↲ "
| eighteen | male | august ninth | leo |
♠┊human ‧ student at gatlin high school
♠┊middle class ‧ aspiring forensic scientist

━ cunning ⇅ having or showing skill in achieving one's ends by deceit or evasion
━ witty ⇅ showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor
━ quirky ⇅ characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits
━ reckless ⇅ without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action

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( i ) ssac was a trouble maker from the start. his father was a police investigator, and he wanted to be just like his dad. which led to the boy listening into private conversations or hacking into the police channel to listen to what was going on and seeing if he could figure out the crime before the professionals. while in high school, he became a lacrosse star. he was perfect at the sport, but deep down just loved forensics. he still listened in on police only channels, and would even go to crime scenes with his best friend to investigate themselves.

━━━━━━━━ my heart still beats and my skin still feels, my lungs still breathe, my mind still fears

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Scarlett threw her bag in the very back of her dark blue Jeep, a graduation present from her parents for keeping a 4.0 through all of high school, she hurried over to them and hugged them whispering a thank you and she loved them before she hurried behind the wheel of the Jeep so she wouldn't start crying. Texting Brooke quickly, "On my way! Be ready! ;)" she hit send and tossed her phone in the passenger seat. She left her house driving slowly so her parents wouldn't worry about her speed, but as soon as she was out of their eye sight she put her foot to the floor taking off. She smiled having the windows down letting her hair fly free with the wind. Her stomach was a ball of knots and butterflies mixed together, she was thrilled to go on this road trip with Brooke, but terrified at the same time. It was hot and humid, but nothing could put a damper on this taste of freedom she had. Pulling up in front of Brooke's house about twenty minutes later she honked the horn knowing she never really liked having people in the house.

Austin was still packing his suitcase while his aunt sat on his bed asking him if he was sure he really wanted to do this. He smiled at his aunt, "Yeah, I do. It's not against you or Uncle Mike, I just need to go away from this town for awhile. Issac is going to be with me and we will be fine." He kissed his aunt's head. "You worry too much. I'm not three any more, I promise we are going to be safe." His aunt brought the sweet side of him out that people rarely saw. In all honesty he was normally a bit of a jerk unless he was used to being around you. He looked at the time and started to pack the last few things faster. "Issac will be here soon Aunt Ashley." To which she nodded and left his room.

maddie | 449 comments
Brooke had a look of fury upon her features. She threw a few things into her suitcase before looking up at the tall brunette. "No way in hell am I letting you and Wickes crash our trip." "Oh c'mon, we're going the same route as you guys and stopping at the same places!" Issac retaliated. "Only because you two copied off us! Plus Wickes nearly totaled my car!! There's no way I'm going on the road with him." She seethed. Brooke began to carry out her things to Scar's car as she heard the blonde honking at her. "Please, Brooke." He caught her arm. "My car stopped working. We've worked just as hard as you two for this trip." His puppy dog eyes pleased with her. Brooke groaned before pulling away from his grip. "Damn you and your eyes.... Get in the car." With that, Brooke piled into the passenger seat beside Scarlett glaring as they pulled out of the driveway. "He and Wickes are coming with us, Scar."

Issac pulled out his phone to call Austin. "Hey dude, it's me. Yeah, funny thing.... We're going with Dylans and Chase.. I know, I know. You have some weird thing for Brooke, and the same for her—" "Issac!!" "Anyways, we're tagging along with them because of my car. I gotta go.. Okay, bye. Be there in ten." He looked up at the blonde sitting in the front. She looked quite familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on it. "You went to Gatlin, didn't you? I remember you." "She has a name you know." "Was I talking to you, Dylans? No, I didn't think so." The brunette gawked at him before crossing her arms over her chest and glaring further into the window, her eyes burning so further into it, it might shatter underneath the pressure.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Scarlett had been finding music on her phone to play for their trip when she noticed the back seat door opening too which made her jump. Looking in the rearview mirrors her eyes met Issac's and her cheeks heated up in a blush quickly which she tried to cover with outrage, "What the hell?" She looked over at Brooke when she explained and sighed. "Why in the world are you two tagging along with us? We never hung out." She grumbled more to herself than anyone else. She knew where Wickes lived though she really didn't want to go pick him up. Backing out of Brooke's driveway, she started towards his house and raised her eyebrow at Issac's question, "Yes, I went there. I was valedictorian at our graduation two days ago." She shook her head and looked over at Brooke who was still sulking about them coming along. "Cheer up Brooke. We may as well make the most of it even if you and Austin do hate each other," she teased smiling over at her. "Pick some music that will cheer you up," she handed Brooke her phone as they pulled up in front of Austin's house. "He better be out here in five minutes or I'm leaving," she warned Issac as she honked the horn.
Austin hung up his phone and shook his head as he zipped his suitcase up. He told his aunt and uncle goodbye quickly and went out the door. He was surprised to see the Jeep he had assumed Issac was kidding. Shaking his head seeing the blonde behind the wheel and a pissed off brunette beside her he chuckled slightly as he threw his stuff in the very back and got in beside his friend. "Dude, I thought you had been kidding Rowe and pulling names out of your ass. Hiya Brookie," he smirked messing up her hair making Brooke hit at him. Scarlett glared back at him, "There will be none of that or I will leave your ass on the side of the road in the middle of no where."

maddie | 449 comments
Brooke scoffed at the boy, punching his arm. "Issac, would you please tell Austin he better keep himself under control, or else Scarlett will not be able to keep me from kicking his sorry ass." She plugged her phone in and played some country music, 80's Mercedes by Marin Morris playing. "It should be so bad.. At least Issac's around. He's not as bad as Wickes." She mumbled to Scarlett with a shrug. Brooke rolled down the window of the Jeep, her hair blowing in the window. "Nice Jeep by the way, Scar! Looks just about like mine," she winked. Looking back at the two boys, she couldn't help but groan inwardly at the fact of travelling with them all summer. She'd wanted this trip so she could get away from her parents and the small town of Gatlin. But nope. Here she was stuck with two of the most popular guys in school. Sure she had been popular too, but she'd have sneered at the thought of spending time with those two. She still was.

Isaac laughed at her. "Oh yeah Scarlett. We had APUSH together, junior year, right?" At her continuous honking her couldn't help but let out a cute little snort. "Don't worry. He was the fastest on the lacrosse team. I'm sure he'll be out herein no time." And he was. As soon as Austin piled into the car he grinned. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad with the girls.. It actually looked like it would be fun, interesting to say the least. He laughed at his friends comment. "Not kidding. And I wouldn't poke the bear. She's been fuming this entire time, even though she was the one to let us tag along." "And I can quickly kick your asses out, Issac!" She sing-songed. Issac just shook his head and looked over at his best friend, but not before glancing up at the cute but quiet blonde in the front, whom had suddenly caught his eye.

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~Nightingale~ | 2182 comments Scarlett giggled slightly, "I wouldn't try to stop you anyway," she said only loud enough for Brooke to hear. Stopping at a red light before getting on the interstate she pulled her long hair back into a low ponytail so it didn't whip her face in the faster speed. The song drifting through the speakers made Scarlett grin, when Brooke responded about Issac Scarlett glanced in the rearview mirror and smiled slightly to herself. "Wickes can be a pain in the ass, but maybe this trip will show us a better side of him." She smiled hopefully at her best friend. Laughing she nodded, "You got me obsessed with them and when I kept my 4.0 Mom and Dad agreed to buy me a new one for graduation." When the realization came to Issac and he asked about APUSH she nodded, "That's right we did have that together junior year, along with a few classes senior year." She blushed again wondering why she would basically admit she was very aware of them sharing classes together.
Austin held his hands up in mock defense. "Alright, alright. I'll leave her alone for now." He smirked sitting back in the seat. "I amazingly agree with Brooke this is a nice ride." Scarlett looked back at Austin with a brief thanks as she turned on to the interstate ready to leave the small town behind. Austin chuckled at the girls both being so annoyed. "I'm not going to do anything to get us kicked out, I will be on my best behavior. Scouts honor." He said holding his hand up like a Boy Scout which made Scarlett laugh at least. He looked over at Issac and noticed him watching the tiny blonde girl driving. He hit his arm and mumbled just so he could hear, "See something you like?"

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