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message 1: by Reid (new)

Reid Minnich | 7 comments Mike, a wheelchair bounty geek, gets a call from a from a lawyer that he is the executor for a wealthy man he's never met. Kindra, the lawyer is not very surprised her client did this. They are both being set up, but there is no hoax. The man is dead, the money is real. The truth is far stranger than either could believe.
Earth is in the cross-hairs of two space-going races who are at war. The mastermind of the plot needs their help to protect her new home.

message 2: by Palmfire (new)

Palmfire | 30 comments I would be interested in doing a swap.

I would like to just view the first few chapters, and I would like to send the first few chapters of my book too. My book is a Sci-Fi novel around 70k, which deals with time travel and immortality. Here is the synopsis:

Imagine this: A world without hope. One with nothin to look forward too. War everywhere. Pretty hard, right? Now imagine this: Four teenagers who can turn this mess around. Even harder. But as you enclose yourself in this story, you will be finding yourself at the edge of your seat, hoping things will get better. But the group of saviors have one question that keeps following them: Are they truly on the right side? If so, how long until they break?

The book is separated into five parts, each part focusing on a different conflict. If you would like to take a like into it, send me a message. I would enjoy looking into yours.

message 3: by Jack (new)

Jack Yasgar | 5 comments Hi Reid,

I'd enjoy doing a read swap with you. I have my first book that is getting very close to ready, but I know still has a few issues for me to work through.

Send me a message and we can set it up.

Thanks, Jack

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