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2016 - ARCHIVED > Ship of Magic - Chapter 26-30

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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 52 comments I don't think there is even one author out there who makes me lose all my respect for a character as fast as Robin Hobb. I am so disappointed in Brashen. His reaction to Althea's rejection semms a bit much. Honestly I already started being a bit disappointed when we first learned that he liked to indulge in cindin, even if it's just once in a while.

Althea, on the other hand, semms to be doing well for herself and she's finally on a liveship again. I wonder if it will make a difference that she's of an old trader family, if the Ophelia will somehow notice that.

Amber's and Paragons relationship is beautiful and I think it's really interesting to deal with mental illness in this way. Also the slow decline of the Vivacia is kind of scary. I often find myself thinking that she should understand Wintrow because I forget that she's a ship and she needs him. I used to think that any captain could sail her as long as she likes him but I
am beginning to notice that that might not be the case.

I was really shocked that Wintrow actually got a slave tattoo. I am scared of what that might mean for his spirit but I don't think he will be broken that easily.

I like Gantry so much and from what the Vivacia said he is probably going to die, probably when Kennit captures her. I am also kind of looking forward to that moment because I have the slight hope that Kyle might finally die (probably not though).

Don't even get me started on Malta. She is the kind of character I despise the most in all kinds if books. I hope she has to go to the Rain Wilds, maybe then she can be useful for her family.

message 2: by John (last edited Jul 16, 2016 01:33PM) (new)

John | 219 comments Sarah wrote: "I don't think there is even one author out there who makes me lose all my respect for a character as fast as Robin Hobb. I am so disappointed in Brashen. His reaction to Althea's rejection semms a ..."

Back when both Brashen( in a drunken state) and Althea were staying on Paragon, he revealed a deep set tendency toward bitterness and cynicism to Althea, that stems in part from the complete ostracism and disinheritance from his family. That has made Althea's rejection of him that much harder and exacerbated his addictive propensities.

What his stay on the Vivacia under Captain Vestrit gave him was a stable environment that he is trying to find again.

There wasn't anything fundamentally at issue that separates Brashen from Althea, other than with her situation as a sailor in flux, she wasn't ready for an intimate relationship; anyway the first book in a trilogy is the wrong time to resolve love and romance issues between characters!

message 3: by John (last edited Jul 17, 2016 11:16AM) (new)

John | 219 comments Ronica points out to Keffria that the Satrap owes the Bingtown Traders what they were promised in their original agreement and compares this to the agreement between the Festrews and the Vestrits about the "blood or gold" clause.

The problem Ronica admits to her daughter is that if it really came down to it, she wouldn't be able to part with her kin to satisfy the requirements of the contract, even if it meant sacrificing their honor. This makes Ronica feel like a hypocrite for demanding the Satrap honor his agreement, even if she won't honor her own. But she's too hard on herself here. She would be giving up a daughter or grandchild; the Satrap is only losing money.

Then the dream box arrives and they try to get Malta to agree to not open it; and after much gnashing of teeth and crying, Keffria naively accepts Malta's word that she did nothing that might encourage anyone to have given that box, and they part resolving to send the box back unopened.

Later, after Malta inevitably takes the box from her mother's hiding place, Ronica calls her out, only to have Malta go off on her, insinuating in no uncertain terms, that Keffria and Ronica have conspired against her this whole time and that they are ultimately at fault for how this situation unfolded.

In probably Ronica's worst moment in the book, she tells Malta that she has "Chalcedean salt water in her veins" which is practically calling your own granddaughter a half-caste to her face, an act that makes Ronica feel massive shame; then she flees the room in disgrace, leaving Malta in triumph( though that hurtful remark did wound Malta, as she snapped at Rache for nothing afterwards).

Maybe Malta has( with some encouragement from her father) grown up with some long held resentments over the years of subtle xenophobic sentiments she has heard expressed in the household and elsewhere in town; and maybe that's why in part she tends to identify with her Chalcedean father.

Later, when Jani Khuprus and Caolwn Festrew come to see Keffria and Ronica to tell them of the contract change and about Reyn's courtship interest, Ronica blurts out that she would never send away any of her children or grandchildren against their will, in order to honor the contract.

This is a good realization for Ronica to have, but it's an incredible blunder to say it out loud to your creditor! Because of this, She and Keffria feel obligated to relent to Khuprus and allow Reyn to court Malta on chaperoned meetings, even though Malta is thirteen years old ( and both Keffria and Ronica had agreed was too young to date and especially marry), and Reyn was almost twenty!

Malta will have an actually legitimate gripe with Ronica and Keffria over this, as she can now claim that she is being used as a pawn in a business matter, and not in her best interests.

message 4: by Abner (new)

Abner | 90 comments Wintrow is a portrayed as really weak, I'm wondering if this is on purpose so he can have his moment of triumph later on and it has a bigger impact on the story, but right now he's really just a wimp who ran away and got his faced tattooed like a slave. He ran away to get freedom instead he became a slave, I hope that this will harden his character and make him grow.

Kennit is really ill, I see him just getting his courage and cutting his leg or Etta will make him do it, but either way I think he'll come out on top and gain everyone's respect.

I'm really intrigued where the Paragon journey will take us, till now is the most intriguing story line since I can see it going so many different places but I know at least Brashen and Althea will sail with him.
Another interesting thing that Hobb seems to be plating the seed is the magic artifacts, they seem cool but I wonder if they are a double edge sword and still we don't know or have clues about the magic used to create them. This whole ordeal with Malta is really nerve wracking, I keep thinking that the Rain Wild family will take her any minute because Ronica was unable to pay her debt on time.

List of observations on amber (ever-growing):
1. She wants to guide Althea on her fate.
2. Shes not from Bingtown.
3. She is a master wood worker/carver.
4. She has honey skin and golden eyes.
5. Amber is not her real name, so we are dealing with someone who changed her identity.
6. Amber was an actress .
7. She says "my curiosity has always been greater than my wisdom" that brings back memories of someone...
8. She wears gloves, all the time.

(I don't wanna say more, so I don't stir everyone's observations on her)

message 5: by Amy (new)

Amy Welham I cannot believe that poor Wintrow ended up tattooed. I've sunk into this book so much that I'm in a way angry at Hobb for putting his character through that. My mind was literally screaming 'Wintrow noooooooo!' I hope the Vivacia ends up sending Torg overboard. But in a way I don't because it would further harm her mental instability. But I love how Hobb is writing that, it opens up so many questions and ideas.
I am still not fully decided on whether I like Kennit as a character. His thoughts and logic are just so bizarre and warped. I do like him paired with Sorcor though.
Normally the chapters back in Bingtown are slower but I've been enjoying them so much. Seeing the shifts of power. The back and forths between Malta and Ronica as well as Keffria and Ronicas plans to save the family.

I actually have some free time this weekend so I am looking forward to finishing this book off. I can't wait to delve into the next one.

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