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2016 - ARCHIVED > Ship of Magic - Chapters 21-25

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Abner | 90 comments This is the first book in the trilogy and I feel it's going a little slow, I really hope this is the setup book and the others are a little bit more fast paced (this are chunkers)

So the serpents wanted revenge, later we find that they where a supreme being before they went through a "necessary" change and got to their current form, and I guess one of them stored all the memories of past lives, Maulking is kind of their "white prophet" I guess, revenge for what? I'm guessing we will find out at the end of the trilogy.

So this Wintrow chapters make you really feel that he is really in love with the ship, it's kind of a weird relation ships, since the I feel the ships would be more of a Wit bond than a human bond but then again they have stored memories of part human lives, so I'm at a loss with what to feel about this love relationship with the ships. Also it doesn't help that Vivacia acts like a lover when he leaves her and doesn't want him to go an threatens him. This keeps my curiosity about the nature of the live ships growing. They talk and communicate but the don't reveal much about themselves, if they know anything at all about their nature.

Etta really surprised me, she has some balls cutting Kennit's leg, now Kennit is a true pirate wooden leg (I hope) and all haha.

I really like that Keffria told the truth to Ronica's face, about how she didn't taught her anything and how she is going to correct her mistake by teaching Malta how to manage the family business but I feel teaching her this things is dangerous, she's very unpredictable and doesn't have the best interest's of the family as a priorityand never will.

The Malta chapters: at first I found it boring, but I guess this is one subplot that will have all the political intrigue and dealings with the Rain Wilds people as it seems they have a lot of magic, and a lot of secrets and oaths with the Bingtown people. If they don't pay, will be paid for with blood, literally. Somehow I think Kyle is gonna fail to deliver and Ronica is going to fail to paying the debt and Malta is gonna be their payment, she wont mid as she is looking for an adventure herself, and Kyle would not want to give Selden up since he is plan B after Wintrow fails.

List of observations on amber (ever-growing):
1. She wants to guide Althea on her fate.
2. Shes not from Bingtown.
3. She is a master wood worker/carver.
4. She has honey skin and golden eyes.
5. Amber is not her real name, so we are dealing with someone who changed her identity.
6. Amber was an actress .
7. She says "my curiosity has always been greater than my wisdom" that brings back memories of someone...

(I don't wanna say more, so I don't stir everyone's observations on her)

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John | 219 comments After such a promising start with Kennit as a charismatic and often hilarious anti-hero, his storyline, which has been adrift for several chapters, has now pretty much run aground, with him losing a leg (and apparently his luck) on his last ship seizure; and it looks like he will be out of commission for a while.

The problem is that his is a character out of the Long John Silver tradition, made for mad escapades and adventures, and he was put into a plot regarding the dark and tragic consequences of slaves and the horrors of the slave ships.

Kennit an amoral and ruthless pirate to the core, can't be cavalier and frivolous amid all this suffering without coming across as vile and obscene: He's the wrong sort of character for this particularly story line.

I still think they'll bring him back to seize the Vivacia later on, but it's disappointing that he wasn't used better here.

Meanwhile, to partly substitute for the Kennit material, the Malta storyline has been been put front and center in the middle of the book to provide a sort of comedy of manners in relief of the intensity of the other parts of the story, to good effect.

Sarah | 52 comments And here comes the necessary one-legged pirate. I am really not sure if I should laugh or cry.
What did make me almost cry was Althea's and Brashen's fall-out. I think especially Brashe just expected a bit to much. At the same time I can understamd his appointment since it seems like he had fellings for her for a long time.

Malta is so STUPID. Grrrr. I just want her to make a stupid decision and vanish. Preferably without doing any damage to her family. And then Kyle can die looking for her.

Of course Wintrow is now with the slaves but I doubt he'll stay there for very long.

Does anyone else think the serpent were once dragons? It says something along the lines that they were once masters of the Lack and the Plenty and if that means air and water I think it would be possible.

Amber seem so interesting amd now she met Paragon. I want to see how that developes.

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John | 219 comments Sarah wrote: "And here comes the necessary one-legged pirate. I am really not sure if I should laugh or cry.
What did make me almost cry was Althea's and Brashen's fall-out. I think especially Brashe just expect..."

You know what's coming next, Sarah! Parrots and rum, and pieces of eight; and Kennit probably should not get too attached to having stereoscopic vision.LOL

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John | 219 comments Wintrow, my favorite character in Ship of Magic, is in a melancholy deep. Did he have better options than leaving the ship or was it finally a forced move?

He had a brilliant triumph in dealing with the amputation situation, but it was mitigated by the fact he ended up compromising some of Sa's religious principles ( by being spiteful and vindictive in wanting to shame Kyle and his crewmates in a situation that really didn't call for it), and he's starting to realize that eventually Kyle is going to break him down, brick by brick, and leave him a soulless cripple.

He is desperate to get away and get back to the monastery and heal his mind, but if he disembarks in Jamaillia he really doesn't have a plan from that point onward. He'd probably be better off waiting until the conclusion of this voyage and escaping in Bingtown where he might have better connections and resources to eventually seek flight to his monastery; or he could wait until he is fifteen, when legally his father would have no hold on him and couldn't prevent him from pursuing the priesthood once again.

But he is so weak of spirit now, and time moves so slowly for teenagers( he is barely fourteen now) that I'm not sure what shape he would be in by the time he reaches fifteen.

He would, of course, be abandoning Vivacia right when she needs him, but the emotional demands of being near Vivacia affect him as negatively as Kyle's abuse, because it requires a 100% commitment in the way Althea could provide support to Vivacia; not Wintrow who is split, being also drawn to the monastery life.

So, with all the deliberation, Wintrow is simply too emotionally battered to choose wisely and things end badly once again.

message 6: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy Welham I am absolutely loving this book. Even when I am not reading it I am thinking about the characters and what might happen. Gibb just has this way of building a world that you can really sink into.
I love Wintrow but him abandoning Vivacia was sad even though you could understand why he did it. Kennit I'm still not sure on. His motives aren't always clear and I don't know if sometimes he is actually trying to be nice? But then instantly disagree with myself. Unlike others though I have enjoyed his storyline and I'm looking forward to him meeting Vivacia.

Malta get a on my nerves. She is such a spoilt brat at the moment and doesn't understand the relationship between Trader family and the Rain wild family's or indeed her place in society. She just wants for things. Keffria seems to be developing more backbone. I want to go back though and see what is happening with Paragon.

message 7: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy Welham *I meant Hobb obviously. Auto correct is frustrating.

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John | 219 comments Amy wrote: "I am absolutely loving this book. Even when I am not reading it I am thinking about the characters and what might happen. Gibb just has this way of building a world that you can really sink into.

I actually liked Kennit's storyline as far as it went but once Kennit figured out that liveships were so superior to ordinary ships in terms of speed and maneuverability, that he couldn't capture one by conventional means, it left him with the prospect of only capturing slavers.

I think the author realized that it would have gotten monotonous for Kennit to keep doing the same thing over and over, so she de-emphasized that storyline in favor of others, and may have had him lose his leg so he spends most of the rest of the book recuperating until she needs him again, perhaps for the taking of the Vivacia.

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