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message 1: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Hey

I thought we could brainstorm.
I do fantasy then of course romance :) you?

message 2: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments Yeah, i do both. Would you want our characters to be human or some sort of other kind of being?

message 3: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments I'm up for either, what would you feel more comfortable with?

message 4: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments Either, would you want to have one character each or two?

message 5: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Possibly two? I think it's easier with two. What do you think?

message 6: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments Okay, do you want to create a plot line first or just rp in out as we go?

message 7: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Plot line if that's ok? And then characters?

Did we wanna do fantasy or realistic?

message 8: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments How about a mix of realistic with fantasy in medieval times? We could each have at least one non human character.

message 9: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Oh yeah, that would be cool. What sort if non human?

message 10: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments I was thinking i might have one of my characters be able to charm animals or have some sort of shaoe shifting abilities.

message 11: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Oh yeah :) would we be wanting both one of our characters to have be the same type? Like both be able to charm animals or be a shape shifter?

message 12: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments If you'd like, I'm open to whatever really! :) i think I'll have my female character be able to charm griffins

message 13: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Hmmm I'll have to think what I want mine to be.
I'll make the female human of course

Then the male.. I'll think

message 14: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments Alright I'll start making my characters then

message 15: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments What do you mean by charm griffins by the way?

message 16: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments She'll have the ability to control griffins etc instead of the ability to charm every kind of animal.

message 17: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Right gotcha. I was kinda thinking he could do a similar thing but what any animal?

message 18: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments Whatever animal you'd like it could be mythical or just a normal one

message 19: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Cool.... ill just rp which animal hahah sorry I'm getting distracted with travel stuff.

message 20: by Sophia (last edited Jul 02, 2016 09:03PM) (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments Name: Relly Jacardi
Age: 19
LC photo tumblr_lr6vg3nLgU1qmaslp.gif

Lily Collins photo tumblr_mtfuixcAjs1rie27io1_500_zps6b314ce8.gif

Special Abilities: Charming Griffins

Personality: Timid and doe like. Usually very sweet but when angered a deadly force to be reckoned with. She has grown up as the handmaiden to a princess. More to be rped.

message 21: by •EM• (last edited Jul 02, 2016 08:38PM) (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Name: Zayne Tuckle
Age: 21
Appearance: http://thestories.theluxer.com/sites/...
Special Ability: Charming animals
Personality: Honest and Intelligent. He's ambitious and reliable. Zayne often looks out for others more than he does himself, he cares for those closest to him but is also open minded to caring for those he's just met.
Other: Hes a blacksmith


message 22: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments about to make mine

message 23: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments Name: Archer Thorne
Age: 20
Drew Garrett photo drew-garrett.png
Drew Garrett photo 20091002_DGarrett_GHrecaps_300x400.jpg

Personality: A cunning liar. He grew up on the streets and became a first class theif. There isnt a single thing he cannot steal and he won't let anything or anyone stop him from getting what he wants.

message 24: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Name: Analisia Myres
Age: 19 1/2
Appearance: http://forums.auscelebs.net/acnet-ima...
Personality: She's always honest, says what she thinks, if you don't like it, she doesn't care. She finds it hard to get along with others even when she is trying to be nice. Doesn't have many friends because of how open minded she is.

message 25: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments Do you want to start or should i?

message 26: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Could you please..... and we are doing medieval time right? Cause i made my guy a blacksmith

message 27: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments (yes, medieval time)

Since she was handmaiden to the princess, Relly sat next to her in a sedan chair. As they were carried through the streets in town she looked through the curtains at the peasants clamouring for their attention.

Archer stood in a dark alley among the crowds of peasants out to watch the royals parade about. He though it was a stupid waste of time yet he knew it was good for his pick pocket business.

message 28: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Zayne knew there was a royal parade taking place just a few streets down from his blacksmith shop, he could hear the cheers or peasants screaming for their voice to be heard for the royals. They all wanted to be heard but that wasn't Zayne's choice, he was busy working hard, he was making some armour, amour for a royal guard. He often found himself making armour for the royal kings guards.

(Hmm what if we made Analisia the princess? But like I keep her personality the same. She speaks her mind no matter who it is. She says what she wants??)

message 29: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments (yeah, that would work well!)

Relly closed the curtains and turned to Analisia. "Do you want to walk or stay in?"

Archer busily worked his way through the crowd slitting people's coin purses. He stopped when he saw a blacksmith hard at work. He grinned remebering that one of his friends had dared him to steal a suit of armour.

message 30: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Analisia looked from outside the curtains to Relly, she raised an eyebrow "walk or not? Rue choice is simple. I'll choose to stay in here please."

Zayne glanced up from his work towards his open door, looking out into the crowds, the cheering got louder which clearly meant the royal parade was closer. He stepped away from his work for a moment and walked to the large barn doors, looking out.

message 31: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments "If it please you, your grace." Relly said and glanced out again before looking back at Analisia with a smile. "Shall we play a game?"

Archer watched closely as Zayne got distracted by the elaborate sedan chairs moving closer. He slipped inside the shop and began to pick out the best suit of armour from amongst the piles.

message 32: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Analisia looked at her again after also glancing out the curtains of her chair thingo. "A game? What sort of game?" She asked her, curious to know if she had a new game.

Zayne saw the crowds moving closer to the roads, eager to see the princess, be heard. He still any very much interested. A sudden crash of his hard work and armour from their places sounded behind him, he turned around quickly without a moment of patience. Zayne narrowed his eyes when he heard the crashing. "Hey! Hey you! Stop." He called out and ran towards the guy tryin to steal his hard work.

message 33: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments "Let's look out and pretend that one of the boys in the crowd is a long lost prince." Relly said. "Whoever picks the handsomest one and makes up the best story about him wins."

Archer stopped and smiled pleasantly. "Oh, sorry I knocked that over. How much is it?" He asked, picking up a helmet.

message 34: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Ana looked at her and cot employed the game, she then looked out te window and nodded "alright fine." She said, she looked through the curtains and the windows out to the crowd, trying to find someone handsome.

His eyes narrowed more as he walked towards him, watching his every move "it's not for sale." He said planly, he didn't trust this guy one bit, not yet anyway. "Empty you're hands."

message 35: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments Relly flicked her curtain back open and looked outside. "I think I've found one." She said after a moment.

Archer sighed and spread out his empty hands. "I didn't take any of your things of that's what you're worried about."

message 36: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Ana looked at her and gasped "what? Where?" She asked and looked out we window, want in to see.

He looked him up an down, satisfied he hadn't taken anything concise ring his clothes were almost nothing of them. "What do you want? You have no money." He told him, taking the amour away

message 37: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments Relly pointed outside as their sedan chair had slowed down to a crawl due to the thick crowds. "Look, rjght in there, that tall one."

Archer gritted his teeth not liking when people said he had no money. He had plenty of stolen money which bought him nice clothing for a peasant. "How much is it?"

message 38: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Ana leaned over in her seat and looked out, spotting the man she was looking at, she smiled widely. "him? He's the kings guards blacksmith. No fair." She joked a little

He raised an eyebrow when he asked about the price, did this guy really have coins? He was amazed though told him anyway. "It's 300 shillings." He said
(I dunno what price it would be.)

message 39: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments (probably loads more than that but who cares lol)

"Oh, him?' Relly squinted. "I meant the skinnier one next to him with the blonde hair. He's fairly attractive for a commoner."

"Fine. I'll take it." Archer tossed a coin purse on the table. After a moment he raised an eyebrow at Zayne. "Well? Aren't you going to assist me in putting it all on?"

message 40: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments ((True but we'll pretend he said that hahahaha.... And does your girl mean archer? You're guy?))

Ana looked at the other guy purchasing the amour. She looked at her with a raised eyebrow "really? Him? A commoner?" She asked her

He watched the bag drop onto the table, full of coins. He quickly checked all the money was there before annoyingly helping the guy out it on.

message 41: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments ((yeah))

"Yes, i imagine he was a prince but his mother died and so his father the king remarried and the new queen wanted to poison him. Clearly he is in hiding but is now buying armour so he can go and reclaim his throne." Relky said, "He might be looking for his one true love as well."

"You can't expect me to keep a squire around to help me into every new suit of armour I buy now can you?" Archer said. "Who owns you or are you not a slave?"

message 42: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Ana looked out the windows again at the two men, smiling at the story. "Ok now that just sounds silly, I'm sure I would remember if that was true." She said "but good try." She said

His eyes once again narrowed when he finished helping him then scoffed. "You don't look like a person to be owning such an amour like this, but who am I to turn down the chance of a sale?" He said then frowned "I'm no slave, no one owns me and no one will.. A hard working class man, the royal family pay me well."

message 43: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments "I think he's from a kingdom in some far off land." Relly smiled. "The armour suits him I suppose."

"I'm sure they do." Archer said, adjusting the mail under the armour. "But you're just a well paid slave is what. You'd do well to realise that."

message 44: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Ana nodded slightly "alright then... What would you say about the other guy? The hot blacksmith?" She asked her, interested to know what she thought.

He still narrowed his eyes. "Well then I suppose we all are slaves." He said "and what is it you do then, sir?" He mocked a little, this guy was kind of alright.
(Do they become friends?)

message 45: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments "Hmm...I already made up a story its supposed to be your turn." Relly said. She took out a fan and fluttered it in frony of her face.

"I don't work for anyone. I work for myself and that is it." Archer said. "I don't need someone else telling me what to do."

(They can)

message 46: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Ana looked at her again, thinking about it "well I know a little about the blacksmith so it wouldn't be fair if I told that story." She said "but he is really cute." She said

"I didn't say I worked for anyone, I work for useless too, I just do a few jobs for certain people, they are my clients." He said and sighed "what are you still doing here anyway, you got what you wanted, head off."

message 47: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments "Oh, really?" Relly asked. "Well, I'll make one up but after you have to tell me what you know about him." She looked outisde again. "I think he was part of an old royal family but they travelled by ship and it sank but he was the only one to swim ashore, alone an forgotten. He became a pirate stealing princesses from their castles, he plans to steal you next most likely."

Archer gave Zayne a bored look, "It's not as if i want to stay in your clearly very charming company." He strode towards the door to leave.

message 48: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Ana giggled a little to herself as she looked out towards the blacksmith. "Oh well I wouldn't mind him stealing me away, look at him, he's hot." She said happily, watching the two men, watching their encounter.

Zayne chuckled a little "yeah, come back again. It'd be great to see you again." He joked, going back to his work once he knew he was gone, working hard away he had to take his shirt off, swearing from the hear and his hard work

message 49: by Sophia (new)

Sophia Tallon (tothetardisallons-y) | 379 comments "He is quite attractive." Relly smiled. "Oh, no, we're moving away!" She said as they began to move a little quicker.

Archer walked down the street deeply regreting having bought an extremely warm suit of armour. "You can be slightly stupid, Archer." He grumbled to himself.

message 50: by •EM• (new)

•EM• | 25073 comments Ana smiled a little at her. "You should try speaking with him." She mentioned before they were moving along, she looked ahead then at her quickly. "Do you want to speak with him or not? Quick!"

Zayne was working away on the armour for the royal guards, he had to have them ready by the end of week and he still had at least 6 to do yet.

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