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Let's just talk about how fabulous this book is.

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erin anne This is one of my all time favorites so I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Ashley Hermawan i loved the story sooo much, yet i am very dissapointed in the way it ended. i hated the fact that there was a huge rest button and it made everyone forget what actually happened. Nyx should've had gotten credit for it and Ignifex should've ended the curse right there by just being a better more understood king instead of becoming a random Prince Lux...

erin anne I agree, I do hate how Ignifex and Shade became one person. I always preferred Ignifex over Shade.

Judi I like that Nyx is so dark, so jaded in the book. I don't see a lot of female characters in YA with darkness that isn't written as a part of her character flaw. It's refreshing.

Has anyone listened to the audiobook? The narrator did a great job with the text, too.

erin anne I agree Nyx is bad in a good way.

Lisa I loved the story, too. It was absolutely magical, but definitely not in the way your typical fairytale is. It's kind of dark, mysterious and the characters portray that feeling so well.
I do agree, I never liked Shade, too, because in some ways we are supposed to like him, but that didn't work on me.

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Moxie I was kind of let down at the ending, despite that I enjoyed the book and would definitely read it again some time. (I would totally want to explore the castle...even with the chaotic shifts and turns)

Kelly⁷ I love this book! We need to talk about that this book have some inspiration in the myth of Cupid and Psyque. I totally love Ignifex and I agree with everyone, I don't like Shade.

I don't like the end, Rosamund give us King Marcus Valerious Lux, I mean, I hate his name too. I totally agree with Ashley, I would have prefered that Ignifex became a king more comprensive with the people (and that people doesn't be that impulsive) than she giving us a random guy with some characteristics of Ignifex.

And I love this book so much because Nyx is a complex character, I think that anyone can identify with her because she is as complex as a human being is.

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