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Jacob Black, hate or love?
AnnaNeverLands AnnaNeverLands Jul 02, 2016 11:49AM
I am so sorry if I offend anyone but I HATE Jacob. I'm currently rereading 'Breaking Dawn' and I forgot that there were 200 pages of Jacobs point of view. So now I am having trouble reading through those 200 pages again. Does anyone feel the same way?

I actually liked seeing things from his point of view because we finally got out of Bella's tunnel vision and her idealistic thinking about the Cullen's. It was like being able to see what she ignored. Also I found Jacob a lot more grounded and realistic than the others so that was nice seeing things from the perspective of someone with actual things to worry about. However the thing that happens after we're out of his perspective is where I couldn't stand him because all his grounded realism disappears. But I think you'll probably enjoy those pages because it makes him irrelevant to the story which means you see less of him. However even if you wanted to see less of him, I'm not sure you'll appreciate how his role gets reduced.

I'm more of an Edward fan myself because that's how proper guys act and Jacob to me symbols how most guys act now and I'm more old school lol

That's not offensive at all, I had the same problem at first too and as you keep reading everyone else starts coming back into the picture ( lol read it like ten times)

AnnaNeverLands HAHAHAHAHAHA I had trouble reading it but when I finished those 200 pages, I flew through the rest of the book. I like Seth way more than Jacob, altho ...more
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Neither really. I like him....he's funny, but I'm with you. The parts of the book in his POV were boring.

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