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Mar ─☆*:・゚ (readwithmarit) Have you ever seen a quote so pretty that you wish you had a way to find it easily as soon as you pick up the book? Tabbing your books is the answer to that problem! But then comes the next problem: how does one colour code their books? Most people have tabs in 5 colours: pink, orange, yellow, green and blue. With those colours, you can have 5 categories. But what would those categories be? Do you tab your books? If so, how do you colour code your books?

message 2: by Breanne (new)

Breanne (breegreen_books) | 62 comments I sometimes highlight quotes in books.

message 3: by ellie (new)

ellie (hugvvarts) | 83 comments Ohh no it makes me cringe when people highlight the pages unless it's an ebook or they have a separate copy I usually use post its! Everyone has them and they work

message 4: by Anna (new)

Anna | 146 comments I don't tab books but I have a little journal that I copy quotes I find online, in books, or in songs.

message 5: by Adriana (new)

Adriana (bluekitten982) I only do this on ebooks. I did it once for a college text and I have regretted it ever since.

message 6: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Walker (NekosBooks) (neko-firedemontempest) I only tab books if they are very long & I plan to make a review or discussion video for it.

message 7: by Swati (new)

Swati | 95 comments I've never tabbed a book before, I feel like I don't get as sucked into the book...However I did tab my Lady Midnight book and I just tabbed everything with the same color :P

message 8: by Anni (new)

Anni (coolpolarbear123) | 20 comments I tab all of my books! When I have tabs with me, that is (unlike right now). Sometimes I use one colour that goes nicely with the book cover, sometimes I use all colours, and sometimes I tab different things different colours.

message 9: by ella (new)

ella  | 48 comments Could anyone give me a list of things that tabbing could be used for?

message 10: by Swati (new)

Swati | 95 comments Ella wrote: "Could anyone give me a list of things that tabbing could be used for?"

finding quotes, funny moments/lines or maybe somewhere you have a question... :)

message 11: by vika (new)

vika (infernaldemigod) | 26 comments Usually I only tab when I'm planning on reviewing it, but sometimes I DO like to tab quotes and scenes that I really enjoyed. When I tab, I use the plastic tabs (the ones where it's clear and the bottom and colored at the top), this way I can still read the word underneath the tab. And if I'm using more that one color then I take a small post-it and place it in the front of the book then write out the colors and their corresponding "themes" I guess. (ex. Blue: humor, pink: romance, yellow: deaths, etc.)

message 12: by ella (new)

ella  | 48 comments Swati wrote: "Ella wrote: "Could anyone give me a list of things that tabbing could be used for?"

finding quotes, funny moments/lines or maybe somewhere you have a question... :)"

Thanks, I'm probably going to be doing it in November as my most anticipated book of the year is releasing and I want to use tabbing as much as I can. :)

message 13: by Sumedha (new)

Sumedha the wordy habitat (thewordyhabitat) Ever since I started using tabs for my studies a few months back, I got into tabbing my paperbacks too. I do use all those colors and I lobe tabbing, honestly. I try to use as less colors possible and to start off with colors that go with the cover. Usually, though, I end up using 4-5 colors.

About what I tag.. Ill take an example of Heir of Fire. I tagged all the rowan-and-aelin scenes and chapters I would want to reread later in green. Yellow for the scene which made me really cry and is very important. Orange for random lines and scenes I liked. Blue for game-changing thoughts and dialogues.

For Lady Midnight, I used blue for all Emma's sarcastic moments I loved, pink for info about the world and important to remember, yellow for mottos, quotes and revered lines in that world, green for Julian-and-Emma scenes, orange for quotes in the book that I loved.

I dont tag for reviews but for myself, usually. And most of the time I tag what I might revisit and look for later :) hope my loong reply was useful

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