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message 1: by Anne (new)

Anne (annedekker99) | 3 comments At my High school you can choose what books you want to read, within certain criteria, and halfway senior year you get a grade based on what you could tell about them in a conversation with your teacher. So I want to read a couple of books who fit those criteria so I won't have to read as much in the last months.
(My apologies for the bad explanation, I'm Dutch so translating and/or explaining things which are normal at my school, but probably not for other people is difficult. If you have questions please ask.)

For English I have to read 8 books (all originally written in English):
2 before 1900 and 6 after 1900
I read:
1984 by George Orwell
The Book thief by Markus Zusak
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

all from after 1900

For Dutch I have to read 14 books, but that has more criteria since it is our mother tongue, so I won't put all those here.

if anyone has recommendations those would be really helpful

message 2: by Sonya (new)

Sonya marie madden | 437 comments Animal farm was great

message 3: by Jenny, Certified Bookworm (new)

Jenny Clark | 1543 comments Mod
If you liked 1984, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley was good, and similar to 1984.

message 4: by Anne (new)

Anne (annedekker99) | 3 comments Unfortunately you can't read multiple books by the same author ( I forgot to say that) so I can't read Animal farm for school.

Brave new world sounds very interesting. similar books are always nice, because then you can talk about differences. I think I'll read this one.

Thank you both for the recommendations!

Brenda (aka Gramma) | 278 comments Science fiction before 1900 could be The Time Machine by H. G. Wells, or The War of The Worlds. For me The Time Machine would be easier to talk about in a conversation with a teacher.

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