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Book Critics > Zoella gets blasted over the books she chose for her bookclub.

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message 1: by Nightinkgale (new)

Nightinkgale | 17 comments I would like to have an honest discussion about this article.


The summary of it is that it's hating on the books Zoella chose for her bookclub. Such as All the bright places Beautiful broken things etc.

I feel it's absolutely ridiculous. How can somebody be ridiculed for trying to get more people to read? Because the books they chose are not the prescribed text books they force you to read in highschool?

I would like your opinion. Do you think this article is on to something or...

I would like to have an honest discussion.

message 2: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hansrox) | 140 comments Hmmm.... I can see how people might have a problem with this. I mean if she's trying to encourage young girls to read more maybe she should've picked a book that has a bigger meaning to it. However, I've never read these books so it's possible that this article is over exaggerating the fact that these books are inappropriate. I mean many YA novels do talk about this. I think it's good that zoella picked books that are more for the age group she's trying to reach to and maybe it is relatable. Like if she picked something like pride and prejudice, it's a great book but a much harder read and it's not something young modern girls would relate to.

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