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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 6 comments I’ve got a YA Contemporary Romance novel of 83,000 words that needs betas! Its title is PINK SKIES. Comment below or message me directly to let me know you want to do it!

I only need critiques on big-picture things like character, plot, conflict, dialogue, inconsistencies, etc. No grammar yet at this stage! Thank you so much!

Jenna is supposed to be the Girl Going Places. So when she finds out she’s failing gym of all classes, it’s basically the end of the world. To make matters worse, she and her best-friend-who-she’s-kind-of-in-love-with’s friendship is starting to show cracks. Without her friend, her only ticket to a passing grade is Charlie Wilson, the adventurous star of the track team. Charlie becomes Jenna’s window into what life could be if she broke out of her shell.

Caught between her structured life and the chance at a new one, Jenna spends one critical semester trying to make everything go back to how it was. With fear of failure following her every move, Jenna must fight for the life and love she deserves.

As her world begins to unravel around her, Jenna discovers that when you finally decide to follow your heart, the right person will follow it with you.

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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 6 comments ReadWriteLove28 wrote: "Hi! Your novel sounds interesting and I would be glad to discuss beta reading for you. For more information on my beta reading services, please look at the information on my blog and contact me thr..."

Unfortunately I can't pay for beta readers right now, but I'll keep you in mind for when I can! Thank you!

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