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message 1: by Killian (new)

Killian Brewer (killianbbrewer) | 2 comments My publisher and I are currently running a fundraising campaign, The 1000 Book Challenge, for The Trevor Project and public libraries, two things very near and dear to my heart.

And I need your help.

My publisher and I are seeking people to make donations of $15 to The Trevor Project. For every $15 donation, Interlude Press will also donate a copy of my book, The Rules of Ever After, to a public library. The special edition of the book will have information about The Trevor Project right in the front of the book.

Of the $15 donation, $10 goes directly to The Trevor Project and the other $5 pays for shipping the book to the library. We are trying to raise enough to donate 1000 books to 1000 libraries, which will raise $10,000 for The Trevor Project. For the cost of a single movie ticket, a trip to Starbucks or a pizza delivery, you can help at risk teens and put a book in a library.

My publisher and I are making nothing off of this venture. Your donation is tax deductible. You can sponsor anywhere between 1 and 100 books. (Sponsor 5 and you get a free digital copy of the book. 10 and you get a print copy)

You can help me in three ways:

1) Sponsor books here:


2) Know a librarian? They can register for a free book here:


3) Through July 6th Thunderclap this info to your followers on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Thunderclap will post to your feed one time on July 7th. It does not save any of your information or put you on mailing lists. Sign up for Thunderclap here:


Thanks for any help you can give on my project.

Trevor is the nation’s leading suicide prevention hotline for LGBTQ+ teens. They offer 24 hour online and telephone support to teens and outreach programs in communities across the nation. If you want to read more on Trevor Project you can check out their website at www.thetrevorproject.org.

message 2: by Jason (last edited Jul 01, 2016 07:42PM) (new)

Jason (jason_williams) | 732 comments I can't think of a more worthy cause. <3

message 3: by Kaje (last edited Jul 01, 2016 10:31PM) (new)

Kaje Harper | 16756 comments The Trevor Project is an amazing group, and worthy of all kinds of support.

The part I don't get as much is the part of donations supporting sending your book to libraries. I mean, it sounds like a cool book. I've seen good reviews. But, most public libraries do not shelve books that are sent to them unsolicited.

Usually, those books are donated to their book sales, to bring in a dollar or two for the library in cash. I've tried many times over the years to donate specific books I think would be good YA LGBTQ choices (including some with pages of resource lists and links) to various libraries, but almost never had them end up on the shelf.

Are you waiting, and only shipping books to libraries that have expressed an actual confirmed interest in shelving the work? Versus cold-call shipping? I assume that's the only way that the $5 part of the contribution benefits the libraries more than a simple cash donation to the library themselves would.

I'm all in favor of group members supporting both The Trevor Project, and libraries, but I want to be sure that people who donate $15 this way, rather than directly to just The Trevor Project, can see the $5 portion at work in some really effective way that libraries have requested or will truly appreciate.

message 4: by Killian (new)

Killian Brewer (killianbbrewer) | 2 comments Just to clarify, we are not sending the books to libraries unsolicited. We launched this campaign at the American Library Association convention in Orlando where hundreds of librarians signed up to receive the special edition, which has prominent info about how a teen can contact The Trevor Project for support.

Librarians can sign up to receive the book via the web at:


message 5: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16756 comments Killian wrote: "Just to clarify, we are not sending the books to libraries unsolicited. We launched this campaign at the American Library Association convention in Orlando where hundreds of librarians signed up to..."

Very cool, and that's what I wanted to know. Congratulations on making that kind of contact with so many libraries!!

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