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message 1: by Erika, Dream Thief (new)

Erika (livingforthebooks) | 5315 comments Mod
What did you think of it? Favorite or least favorite characters? Favorite or least favorite part?

Patricia Willers (patriciamar) Reading right now and about halfway. So far as fast as the others (to read-flying through), but it's been a little too long since the first four, I wish I had gone back and reread them!

Fiona A (goodreadscomkatniss) | 11 comments my favorite part was the end

Ashleigh (booksbyash) | 201 comments My favourite part was when Maxon was telling Eadlyn to marry who she loved and damn the consequences and when maxon resigned as King bc America was in hospital (they are goals)

Yomna Ab. I was so anticipated to read this book, so I read it in two days lol from the day it came out. I can't say I loved it, I expected more or like a better way to get the conclusion. But at least she ended up with the person I wanted her too :D but still I thought he had some sort of secret or something, my favorite part was how she showed August and Georgia son who's boss and how she grew up in character, but I don't get how the relationship with the scheaves and illeas got bad(wrote the last names wrong lol) yeah and also the whole true love thing wasn't as bizarre, I have to say I loved Maxon and Americas story better

Fiona A (goodreadscomkatniss) | 11 comments Yomma I also read it in two days. Yeah Maxon and America's story was better

Fiona A (goodreadscomkatniss) | 11 comments I love how Henri talks

Crystal Disappointed how this ended :( my only favorite parts involved Maxon and America <33333 le sigh i wasnt happy with her choice they should at least mentioned him more in the book before

Christina (batgirl39) | 23 comments It definitely felt like the series needed at least one more book to flesh out the relationships, conflict, and Eady's thought process. A lot of this book felt rushed as if Cass realized she needed to pick a suitor for her main character and threw a "true love" story quickly in.

message 10: by Lauren - SERIESous Books (last edited Jul 13, 2016 05:06AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Lauren - SERIESous Books (seriesousbookreviews) **spoilers!***

I agree with everyone who said this book felt rushed--I really hated how it ended.

Her final choice of suitor really disappointed me. I said from the start of this series that if she picked Eikko, it would feel like a cop-out and it did. I felt like they had zero interaction the whole time and I just didn't see them together.

But honestly, I wasn't really feeling any of the suitors. I'm not sure if it was the way it was written, with keeping us in the dark about her final choice and who she had deeper feelings for; or simply the somewhat lacklustre options, but I didn't "love" any of them as choices.

message 11: by Alex (new) - rated it 5 stars

Alex (alex1320) | 73 comments I reallly like this book. I think it's not as great as America and Maxon's story but still it is a great book as for me.

Patricia Willers (patriciamar) I pretty much agree that America and Maxon's story was better. I think the characters were more well-developed, so I was interested in each and every one (Celeste, Marlee, etc.). However, I do love a good, fast read, and this one made for a great weekend! It's always +&- when you end a series.

Heather (heathersnerdylife) Did not like this book at all. Saving grace was who Eadlyn ends up with. August and Georgia's son should have been introduced in the previous book. Everything in this novel was way too rushed and the plot felt sloppy. I feel Cass's writing style is getting worse with each book she writes not better :(

Savannah Garner | 57 comments I wasn't as happy with the man she picked at the end. I really wanted it to be someone else. Also I feel like the book was a tad bit rushed.

message 15: by L.C. (last edited Jul 12, 2016 03:32PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

L.C. Perry | 700 comments I'm surprised that I really loved this book. Although I agree it was rushed near the end, I loved the characters and how it turned out in the end.


I'm happy she didn't choose Kile. That would have been way too obvious and it wouldn't have been interesting. I liked how I was left to keep guessing and I'm very satisfied she chose Erik. He should have been mentioned more so we could get more on his personality, but it shows how her love story is different than her parents because unlike them, her true love wasn't a part of the Selection. I also liked how there was conflict between the characters from America's story because that made it realistic for me. Just because they were getting close to the illeas twenty years ago doesn't mean the relationship was going to last. Just because Eadlyn and Josie's mothers were best friends doesn't mean they have to be friends as well. I thought this was a great book, I just wish it wasn't rushed :)

message 16: by Alan (new)

Alan | 2 comments Just finished Selection. It appears that not all the books in this series about those two protagonists? In which book is the winner of the royal contest decided?

Lauren - SERIESous Books (seriesousbookreviews) Alan wrote: "Just finished Selection. It appears that not all the books in this series about those two protagonists? In which book is the winner of the royal contest decided?"

The Selection, The Elite and The One are all America's story (conclusion in The One).

The Heir and The Crown is America's daughter's story.

Natalie Honestly, I was bored by it. I wanted more development of her relationship with Erik. I really loved the original selection series, but the ones that focused just on Eadlyn left me wanting more. I think I would have loved more focus on the relationship that actually mattered the most. A positive is that it pretty much left me guessing until the end. It wasn't predictable.

Kelsey (kelseykaveney) | 1 comments I basically agreed with the consensus, I loved the series, but this book just lacked something. I liked it, and enjoyed reading it, but it felt rushed, especially towards the end. I would have loved to have more from this book, but alas it is over and I just feel egh.

Jasmine | 5194 comments I didn't love the series and did not love this book. Honestly I feel Eadlyn's story should have been its own separate series despite being connected (similar to the way Cassandra Clare does hers). I felt the characters were really underdeveloped and I didn't feel as if I knew any of the suitors very well. The ending, as everyone said, was incredibly rushed and kind of out of left field. She had never mentioned or thought about a constitutional monarchy and then all of a sudden she is announcing it. I wanted that fleshed out more.

Marid's character was random and so out of the blue. I just couldn't understand where any of this was coming from and it made it impossible to believe.

The positive is this is an easy read and took me about a day and a half to complete, but I really feel this author needs to grow a lot more before she puts out another book.

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