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Christopher-Charles Chaney | 2 comments First time request. I am looking for beta readers to read my next book. It's an easy read of funny stories occurring when I was my mother's caregiver. My mother passed early this year and this book is an introduction to a future book about her life. Many of the funny stories where featured on Facebook where she developed a growing audience who adore her, welcome the stories, and have encouraged me over and over again to write a book. Writing a book is exactly what I am doing. In addition to humor, the book offers guidance and resources to new caregivers, as well as a free chapter from an upcoming book. Need input from a beta reader since this book is very different from my first book, Breaking the Healing Code.

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Ray Sunn | 19 comments Hi Christopher, I'm interested in reading, but how long is your book? I'm working as a caregiver and as a writer right now so I may be able to give some input.

Christopher-Charles Chaney | 2 comments Hi Ray and thanks for your reply. It's a very easy and short read. The stories are in scripted form. For example:
Mama Peaches: (Sitting on the couch) Bring me my food.
Me: You don't like anything I have given you.

The entire book, once completed, will be less than 150 pages.

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