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MixItUp! An island that many Sirens stay away from. The island is a beautiful tropical island that is peaceful but is surrounded by Fallamas. They often eat creatures that try to swim because the island has no Sirens.

((I might delete the island cuz i'm too lazy to edit the description ))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) ((Ok, your up))

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MixItUp! Orca glanced at Circus, holding out her wet hand to help him. She glanced at his backpack, "What's that?"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He looked at her and hopped on the rock with her help. "My home, it has all my stuff in it, even my violen." He pulled the instrument out again and began to let it dry. "Bloody Water. Where am.." He trailed off as he saw your tail. "What the 'ell?"

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MixItUp! She almost shoved him back in the water, "Well!!!" Orca glared at him, "Welcome to Killer Island, i'm Orca, the siren" Orca felt like she should eat this guy

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) "Siren? Like in the books..a-and my stories?" He stood on the rock to get more comfortable. "I.." He put his head in his hands. "I'm so confused."

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MixItUp! She smacked him with her tail, "Are you an idiot, duh in stories" Orca calmed down a bit after she smacked him. Her beautiful blue tail then went back to it's spot on the rock. "How'd you get here? No creature around here has that" she pointed to the backpack, "Not even my human friends" Orca thought they were her friends at least

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He looked at her with an anger in his eyes but he closed his eyes and breathed. "Dont you slap me." He growled a little. He looked back up at you. "Well its a napsack, I hold my clothes and other things in it." He attempted a smile. "So. How we get off this rock? I mean I dont mind where I am, Just need some space so I dont hurt myself or something like that."

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MixItUp! Orca sighed, "You can swim right?" Orca felt dumb after the words left her mouth. He had offered to dive in and get her but that didn't make any sense...

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) "Well...I uh, just thought I would be nice but uh..No, Cant swim..Heh.." He rubbed his arm and clenched up, almost ready for anouther slap.

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MixItUp! Orca didn't bother, she dove into the ocean, disappearing from his sight, she sighed He's a strange human, i hope he doesn't mind staying on a rock until i clear the path Orca didn't mind having to kill some Fallamas, they've murdered friends of hers before

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He sat there and began to play his instrument, it was a simple song he would play when he was younger. He smiled and watched you swim and saw your tail and was in awe of it

The song (minus the techno)-

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MixItUp! Orca disappeared underwater, Fallama blood flowing to the surface. After killing a couple more she swam back gracefully, jumping onto the rock. "Hop on" Orca motioned to her back, in the ocean he wouldn't be as heavy he would in the water than on land.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He looked at her and nodded, putting everything back unto the bag and slowly hopping on, rubbing the leather strap of his necklace that holds Nexus's Portal to Him.

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MixItUp! Orca immediately shot off without a warning, swimming gracefully to the beautiful island. Orca gently let him off at the island, putting her dagger away

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He quickly hopped off and shook his clothes clean. "Your like a bullet ya know that?" He looked at her witha smile, he enjoyed knew experinces and that was awesome to him. He rubbed the jewel and a soft glow began to form. "Guess I should show you my friend.." A large, grey haired lion appeared. "This is Nexus." He said as he petted his friend's mane.

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MixItUp! Orca smiled, "I guess, I strike hard and fast" Orca almost screamed at the sudden creature, "Nexus??? and what kind of creature is he" Orca suddenly threw her dagger at a man eating bird, killing it instantly.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) "He is a lion, a kind one at that." He smiled wider as Nexus leans down so that he could pet it and you could. "He is a nice creature, born from my tales. The Lion who would not Kill." He sat on the sand and use his scarf to sit on. "So what powers do you have? I mean, I've read about you, your like mermaids except magical, I'm just curious what powers that is."

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MixItUp! "Like me" Orca seems to whisper, her beautiful tail swaying gracefully in the water. She reached her hand out, feeling the warmth of his golden fur. "Powers? Well, I can sing like other Sirens, attracting others to eat" Orca quickly added, "I don't do that though..." Orca sighed, "Sirens call me cursed" Orca said cursed like it was a rotted fish. "I was born with kindness, and the Emporer wanted my tail for him collection..." Orca shuddered, even as she felt Nixus's warm fur she felt cold inside, remembering her parents were murdered for protecting a kind born Siren, "They're dead because of me..." Orca didn't mention who "they" were

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) "Well.." He lounge back and thought. "Who is they?" He looked at her, concerned. "Why would some bloody fuck want to cut off your tail? Just cause its nice means nothing. I could have a nice looking nose, dont mean that someone will cut it off." He realied what he said and hoped he didnt hurt her feelings. "sorry I uh..get carried away." He got some stuff out of his bag and began to set up a small camp.

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MixItUp! Orca made a sad smile, "They..." Orca looked at the horizon, "My parents, they were murdered by the Emporer because my parents helped me escape form him" Orca sighed, she felt like she should leave now but where would she go? "When a Siren is born kinder than others they are aten by their parents or have their tail chopped off and hung in the Emporer's room" Orca paused, "He admires them and even sometimes keeps heads of Sirens" Orca shuddered.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) "Well then. Thats shite. Don't worry, you stick around me and Nexus, I wont let anyone hurt you." He smiled as his lean to and small fire pit was complete he sat by the water, taking off his shoes and socks. "Nexus will help you out. He might need food though."

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MixItUp! Orca pushes the dead man-eating bird towards him, "I can supply any dolphins or fish" Orca suddenly swung her tail up, a fat trout landing in front of Nexus. Orca slunk deeper into the ocean, breathing in the refreshing saltwater before lifting her head out of the water. "I better go" Orca turned to leave before turning back and smiling, "Thanks Circus" Orca petted the lion a last time, "And thanks too Nexus"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) Nexus ate up the fish quickly and Washington smiled. "Your welcome Orca, please, leave to do your own. Return whenever, I will be here." He smiled as he pulled out his violin and began to play a softer song and sat by the fire.

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MixItUp! "Watch out for the man-eating birds!" Orca splashed off, making a gracefully leap into the air before disappearing in the dark waters. Orca thought about Circus, "When will I have to return him to his home?" Orca murmured underwater, "I mean, the Emporer is looking for me.. I'm only putting others in danger" Orca shuddered at what the Emporer would do to Circus. Orca pushed away the thought.

((Skip time to morning or somethin?))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) ((Or like a week later or whatever)

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MixItUp! ((Ya, care to add some drama? Or do u like to keep it simple))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) -One Week Later-

Washington's camp had been made better in that tiem, almost like a small shack and a larger fire pit. He ditch all his winter clothing and only wears his pants and his chopped up t-shirt. He has left Nexus out the entire time and has been fishing and been eating the man-eaters for food. His knife came really in handy. He was sitting on the beach, fishing, he had tooken off his shirt to dry and rolled up his pant legs.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) (drama if you wanna)

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MixItUp! Orca poked her head out of the water, "Well there's a sight" Orca splashed water at him, tossing a rainbow trout to Nexus. Her tail swayed, the current pulling at it. She rested her head on the sand, half her body in the water.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) His cheecks turned red as he saw Orca appeared and quickly dropped the pole. "Oh! Hey..Orca." He smiled as he quickly went to get his shirt on. Nexus lapped up the fish then went over to lick at you and paw at you as well.

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MixItUp! ((I gtg to bed so I might take a while to post))

Orca giggled, petting the lion,

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) ((Go to bed)

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) Circus came back, shirt on and sat by the water. "What brings you to my humble abode?" He petted his lion on his chin and let out anouther purr. "Good Boy." He smiled and looked back to Orca.

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MixItUp! "Can't I just visit a friend?" Orca waved her tail, drenching him with water. She glanced around his little shack, the fire catching her eye. "Humans are so strange" Orca murmured.

((Iz need specific drama :3))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) ((I dunno))

"What? The fire? Thats for about a hundred uses, it can keep me warm and I can cook birds on it, its also a light." He looked backt o his lion and he shook all the water out. "There. Oh yeah! I got a decent ide on how to swim.

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MixItUp! Orca laughed, "legend see it" Orca slowly backed off land, clearing a way for him to try and swim. Orca was ready to burst out laughing and save him if it was required.

((It could be Feasting Island day? Orca gets attacked by a Siren of Coral Cove?))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) ((Is that when all the siren come looking for them? Singing their song. Ok.))

He hopped in, and began to slowly swim, almost like a doggy paddle. After a little he went back on shore. "As you can see, Ive spent most of my time building a small boat instead." He pointed to his raft and paddle he made with logs more inland.

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MixItUp! "Super strange" Orca declared, doing a gracefully leap in the air. Orca splashed back down, making sure the water droplets didn't hit the fire. Orca had an uneasy feeling, she hummed, that always calmed her down

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He looke at her as he held his shirt over the fire to dry. "You ok?" He looked at her. "You aint looking quite right?"

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MixItUp! Orca nodded, "I just have an uneasy feeling" Orca glanced around, there wasn't anyone in sight. No Fallamas or others... Still she had an uneasy feeling in her stomach. She murmured, "Excuse me for a moment...." Orca slipped into the ocean, trying to wave it off

((U wanna play the Siren?))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) ((As you wish.))

as you swam you came upon anouther Siren in the water, she was female with long black hair and blue eyes. She looked at you with a sneer. "What do you want?"

Washington pushed his raft onto the water and followed you. Wondering what was going on.

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MixItUp! "Just taking a swim" Orca slowly brushed past her, "Excuse me" Orca immediately burst away form the Siren, scared she had given away that she was born kinder.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) She smirked and let her go. Then when you got a distance away, she began to sing, quite loudly. She smiled and all of her anger went away, really fakely but still.

As Washington was swimming he heard a noise from the water. "Oi, Orca, you down there?" He listen more closely and pushed closer to it.

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MixItUp! Orca noticed that the Siren wasn't chasing her and let a sigh of relief. She glanced back at the island in the distance, her heart racing. Orca paused, "Wholy Neptune" Orca screamed a couple of Siren curses, I sound like I'm going mad Orca thought and tried to calm down. "I'm such an idiot! Why did I leave her where Circus was!" Orca then realized she was talking to a catfish. Orca ate it, thinking for a moment. She got her daggers out, and dove into a secret tunnel that would only take her part of the way to the island.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He stopped as he heard the source of the voice and the new siren began to swim up. "Hullo, You a friend of Orca mate?" She smiled as her tail wrapped around his leg slowly. 'I am, and I'm glad she told me about you." It was a bad lie but he believed it.

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MixItUp! Orca could see the light of the tunnel but she knew she still had a ways to go. As she bursted out of the tunnel she spotted the figure of the Siren. She got her dagger ready and wished she could throw it but the water would weigh it down.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He smiled as he pushed some hair back so he could see better. "So what brings you around here?" She grins and sings quietly as she wraps it tightly around his leg. 'Looking for a snack.' With that she yank him underwater and let go of his leg so her tail could wrap around her neck. She was still singing with a wicked look on her face and Washington could still hear her.

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MixItUp! Orca immediately lashed out with her daggers stabbing her tail. she hoped she wasn't too late. Orca could taste blood as she breathed the water in, trying to get Circus to the surface

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He had pulled out his own knife and was swinging wildly. The siren screamed and shoot a look at her. "I will feed off him. Even If I have to get the emperor." She growled and swam off. Washington landed on his raft with a thud and coughed up some blood. "Jesus fuck..."

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