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message 1: by Tricia (new)

Tricia (tricialbwarren) | 2 comments I'm looking for 1 sensitivity beta for a biracial (black-white) geeky rural teen boy MC in my YA survival horror novel (about 83k words). This novel isn't a gorefest, but there is some violence, dark themes, language, etc. I've had a previous draft beta read, but I'm looking for a second opinion from a nonfriend writer who isn't going to pull punches. Since this is on R&R from an agent, I'm also looking for a 2-3 week timeline, tops.

I'm happy to pay you for this service, Future Betareader, but I'm also happy to betaswap if that's more up your alley. If you want to swap, I'm happy to beta generally, or sensitivity read for LGBTQ+ or disability (depression) themes.


message 2: by Naal (new)

Naal Alexandria (possibleregrets) | 11 comments hello! I'd be happy to beta read your novel, as it sounds very interesting. What sounds like a reasonable price to you..?

message 3: by Susan (new)

Susan | 60 comments Hi, Tricia. I'm also available. I'm a freelance editor, writer, and betareader of children's and YA books, and the author of over 30 children's books, including two YA novels. I can meet your deadline, but we'd have to move quickly on this, so please get in touch asap! My email address is My website is

message 4: by Tricia (new)

Tricia (tricialbwarren) | 2 comments Someone is note helping me with this, thank you everyone!

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