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message 1: by Adam (new)

Adam Holland | 3 comments I'm new to this so I apologize if I'm doing this wrong.

I recently wrote Anchored in the Storm: Pursuing Christ in the Midst of Life's Trials, under my name Adam Holland. However there are a couple Adam Holland authors that I do not want identification with. Their books are entitled: 1. Friendship Established: The 'Genesis' of True Friendships. 2. Friendship Redeemed: How the Gospel Changes Friendships to Something Greater, and 3. Explode My Business: Online Network Marketing Mastermind Course.

Is there a way I can correct this and just have my book under my name?

Thanks for all the help!

Adam Holland (Anchored in the Storm)

message 2: by Codex (new)

Codex | 3400 comments You are now “Adam^^Holland”—with two spaces between your first and last names, and your single work (Anchored in the Storm) is associated with this author profile.
You can claim this profile by clicking on the Is this you? Let us know link towards the bottom of that page.

message 3: by Adam (new)

Adam Holland | 3 comments Thank you so much Codex. Do I also need to change my author name to have the double space?

message 4: by Codex (new)

Codex | 3400 comments No, the author profile page is already set up with two spaces.

message 5: by Adam (new)

Adam Holland | 3 comments Wonderful! Thanks for your help Codex.

message 6: by Codex (new)

Codex | 3400 comments You may also find this link useful:

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