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message 1: by Holly (new)

Holly | 220 comments Mod
July's book is Lethbridge Stewart: Moon Blink. Leave your thoughts on the book here! Looking forward to the discussion!

message 2: by Shaun (new)

Shaun Collins | 18 comments Very curious to find out what everyone thinks of this one! We will be working the June Bookclub selection (Royal Blood) into the show sometime this month for our review, so make sure to get your comments in on that one as well!

message 3: by Erik (new)

Erik Gulbrandsen | 4 comments Lethbridge Stewart: Moon Blink was the first novel in the Lethbridge Stewart series that I have read. I have heard VERY good reviews from the guys on the podcast and from other sources as well so I was excited to dig into this book. I wasn't entirely unprepared for what I got because I heard the Traveling the Vortex review of Moon Blink just days before I received my paperback copy in the mail. I think it's beyond cool that Sadie Miller is writing in the Doctor Who Universe, given her connection with it, and it pains me a little bit that I didn't like this book a little more.

I'm not going to write in long form as my impressions of the book are going to echo many other reviews. Unfortunately I think the guys on TTV were right on the money (again!).

The book is not incredibly strong. It's not because Sadie Miller is a poor writer in fact I don't think she is a poor writer at all. However in a thriller that is mostly about paranoia and suspense there is very little of either. I think she failed to truly make the reader share in the suspense of her characters.

I also didn't care for the "There's always a bigger fish" switch she pulled with the villain it seemed unnecessary. Bland's character was perfectly capable of becoming the obsessed and ego maniacal villain that Kabinov ended up being. Saving Kavinov as a shadowy menace for another tale would have been a better choice in my opinion.

I also came to this book with a bit of a disadvantage. I have not read any of the other novels. So the characters are all new to me, with the exception of Lethbridge Stewart and Ann Travers, so I did not feel attached to most of the main characters in the way others may have. Therefore I didn't make any excuses for them and took everything at face value. I think all of the characters were not developed within the narrative of Moon Blink and this required some prior reading. That's fine. I realize it's a series but it hurt this individual novel for me.

I'm a bit disappointed that this was my first journey into the Candy Jar Books part of the Whoniverse because it was not my favorite. AND I forgot to vote for this month's book.... ahhhh! It's ok I'm hoping I will enjoy Showstoppers more than Moon Blink and have already ordered my copy.

Thanks everyone for reading and see you next month!

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