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White Sand, Volume 1 (White Sand, #1)
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White Sand: The Graphic Novel vs. The Prose Version

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Joel I am currently reading the first volume of the White Sand graphic novel trilogy, and I am enjoying it. However, I haven't read the prose version of this story, and I was wondering if anyone has read both yet and what their opinions may be of the graphic novel version. Are there huge differences in the story from the prose version? Do you think it is a good adaptation? Which one did you like better?

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I Have The PDF Version of The Prose Version :D

Email Brandon Sanderson Through His Contact Page and Ask for a Copy of White Sand

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments I liked the prose version better. To some degree that is because I'm more used to that format (this was my first graphic novel). It is easier for me to get world building details and pick up on character cues. For example, I really enjoyed the food conversations in the prose, but those were missing almost entirely from the graphic. One of the key things in this story is the politics (which should come more in the subsequent volumes) and I'm concerned with how that will be delivered.

In the graphic novel there were also some scenes that transitioned kind of funny. One in particular comes to mind where one character is calling to Kenton, Kenton talks to someone else close by about it, but never replies to the character calling for him. No additional attention is offered. Not a big deal but it bothered me.

In the graphic novel, the gender of one of the characters gets switched vs the prose. I think this is actually a strength.

However there were some details in the prose version that were glossed over in this version in order to skinny it down (as an epic fantasy reader this is something that I sometimes understand and sometimes don't). Basically this character is conducting an investigation and we have some fun/tense scenes during a sting operation in the prose, but we only see the aftermath in the graphic novel. And the interesting weaponry used isn't underscored. Additionally, the Darkside characters in general don't get the same kind of attention they did in the prose. For example, in the prose we start with them coming from Darkside and see the events that led them to meet up with Kenton. In the graphic novel, their story starts with meeting Kenton. Our view points with them are very limited and I don't think it is clear what they are doing, the risks they have taken, and the culture shocks they are experiencing. All things that I personally feel are valuable to the story.

So while I much prefer the prose, it is rough around the edges too and it is clear that it is early Sanderson and hasn't undergone full editing. Both versions largely capture a story that in itself is interesting but neither version is perfect. Ultimately though, I'm happy that there is a graphic novel version if for no other reason that it will help people become familiar with the story so that I can talk about it more.

Joel Awesome! Thanks for the rundown. Even without having read the prose version, I felt that the graphic novel was missing depth to its world building, relying more upon the art to compensate for it. However, I did enjoy it and will buy the rest of the graphic novels, but I may also check out the prose version once finished with the graphic novels. I hope we get an Ars Arcanum with the graphic novels at some point. I was disappointed that first volume didn't have it.

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Mark | 5 comments Was anyone else disappointed in the printing? The edges of the page looked like they were cut correctly, but images looked like they were keystone at the bottom and some cases ran past the edge of the page. Some pages are more obvious than others there is definitely margin skewing and there is also distortion on certain straight lines between panels than become pixelated. I don't think they did a good job quality checking the Chinese printing and haven't been able to get a reply from the publisher yet.

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