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Going Through The Change (Menopausal Superheroes, #1)
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Samantha (mirymom) | 7 comments Post 1:


Hi everyone! I'm happy to be here this afternoon to celebrate Angela's new book and indie books in general. I hope you're having a good time and find some great new books to fill your summer reading time.

I'm Samantha Bryant, middle school teacher by day and novelist by night, which makes me a superhero all the time. I write superhero novels, in particular the Menopausal Superheroes series.


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Samantha (mirymom) | 7 comments Post Two:

These are not your father's superheroes (but they might be your mother's). (artist renditions of character by Charles C. Dowd)


Helen Braeburn thought she just had hot flashes, but it turned out to be the spark that reignited her fire.


Jessica Roark was feeling depressed, until she drank a tea that made her lighter, literally!


Patricia O'Neill has always had a thick skin, but now bullets bounce off her.


Linda Alvarez has no trouble opening jars now, but superstrength came with some surprising changes.


And it all comes back to Dr. Cindy Liu, genius… and mad scientist.

image: description

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Samantha (mirymom) | 7 comments Post 3:

I wrote these books out of my own frustrations and fears. I LOVE superhero stories, but I get tired of the shortage of good female heroes. And even more frustrated when the ones we have are eternally twenty-two, childless, single, and scantily clad.

I thought: What if? What if real women, women with a little life experience, responsibilities, families, careers, and lives were the ones that got powers. What then?

Exploring that idea has been a great way to write about women's roles in society, changing ideas about gender and gender expectations, and so many other things, while also having fun.

Going Through the Change , Book 1 has been described as "a growth in superhero fiction" by book reviewer and author Dave Higgins

as "chock full of black humor" by book reviewer and author Zan Steadman

and as "original and unusual" by book reviewer and author Brian Rush

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Samantha (mirymom) | 7 comments Post 4:

The second book Change of Life just came out a couple of months ago. It's still building momentum, but I'm proud of it and reviewers are agreeing.


Book Two picks up a few months after the ending of Book One.

Here's the back of the book blurb:

With great power comes…great frustration.

Several months after the events of Going Through the Change, retired corporate vice president (and occasional lizard-woman) Patricia O’Neill is embroiled in a search for the mad scientist who brought the “change” upon them all.

Meanwhile, Flygirl Jessica Roark and gender-bending strongman Linda/Leonel Alvarez have joined a mysterious covert agency known only as The Department. They’re training hard, in hopes of using their newfound powers for the greater good.

Patricia thinks they’re being used. Cut off from the other menopausal heroes, she’s alone. And her search has hit a serious dead end.

Then Patricia disappears, and all the clues point to a dead man. It’s up to her friends and The Department to find her and bring her home.

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Samantha (mirymom) | 7 comments Thanks for hanging out with me here today. If you'd like to hear more about my work or just connect with a fellow superhero fan, you can find me:

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If you subscribe to my newsletter, you can get a free short story featuring crowd favorite character Linda/Leonel Alvarez and get updates about my writing life about once a month.


To win a digital copy of any of my books (your choice), tell what superhero character you like and why. Not sure? You can take this quiz to find out which superhero you are :-) http://www.thesuperheroquiz.com/

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Samantha (mirymom) | 7 comments I am proud that my debut novel won a Jacquis Award, given by Legendary Women for feminist books.

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