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message 1: by Clair (new)

Clair Sharpe | 1 comments My book club were thinking it'd be cool to have a murder mystery evening. We all read a murder mystery book but stop before we find out who did it and then the evening discussion can revolve around who we think it was and why. I'm guessing one person would have to read the whole book so they can confirm who the murderer was.
Does anyone has any suggestions for books we could use for something like this?

Desley (Cat fosterer) (booktigger) | 549 comments Sounds fun

message 3: by Bill (last edited Jul 01, 2016 09:44AM) (new)

Bill | 2760 comments Interesting idea. Maybe a classic, something by Ngaio Marsh, one of her Inspector Alleyn mysteries?

T. K. Elliott (Tiffany) (t_k_elliott) It might be worth checking what sort of murder mystery people would like. There's a big gap between cosy mysteries (cuteness overload) and gorefest. Are you looking for fun, or scary? Or intellectual? One of the classic greats (I'd recommend Dorothy L. Sayers if you are) or something more modern?

message 5: by Michael (new)

Michael Gill | 14 comments I chose in my mysteries series that the reader would know the murderer way before my main character. Good or bad?

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