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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Book about a girl whose family goes on vacation to an old fashioned ghost town, and she is haunted by actual ghosts

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message 1: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 38 comments So this book must be at least ten years old, probably older than that. I can't remember much, other than there's a girl, probably middle school aged, who goes on vacation with her family (she has a mother, father and I believe just one younger brother), anyway they go on vacation to an old fashioned horse-and-buggy style town. They stay in an old house, and all of the people who work in the vacation town have to dress in old fashioned clothes and pretend to be from the 1800's.
And then the main character (the girl) starts to see an actual ghost from the 1800's, who starts haunting her at night and crying and stuff. I literally can't remember a single shred of detail more than that....

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 38 comments More information: it is juvenile fiction (that's probably obvious, ha). I believe it was a standalone book, and not part of a series, but I'm also not sure about that. The copy I had was an old paperback, and I probably read that at least ten years ago (2006ish), so it's probably actually older than that.

message 3: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 38 comments Okay so, still can barely remember anything, other than it was set in the summer time, and it was really hot. I can't remember what state it was in, but definitely the United States. And there weren't that many other families staying in the little town.

message 4: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 38 comments I guess it could have been a part of some series, like the kind of series where the only thing that stays the same is the main character, and the plots are always different and have nothing to do with each other, so you can read them out of order; but I feel like it wasn't. I'm pretty sure it was just a standalone.

message 5: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 38 comments Also, the ghost was female.

message 6: by Kris (last edited Jul 13, 2016 02:55PM) (new)

Kris | 36040 comments Mod
A few guesses:

Treasure in Ghost Town by Barbara Turner?

The Ghost Town Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner? "While visiting a recent purchase of Grandfather's, a ghost town in the Rocky Mountains, the Aldens encounter a mystery involving a run-down motel and a woman who may be a ghost." (www.worldcat.org)

Ghost Town Mystery by Ruth Nolton Moore?

Ghost Town For Sale by Mary Phraner Warren? "Five youngsters camping in a ghost town in eastern Oregon have a busy vacation catching reptiles, looking for ghosts, and trying to prevent the sale of the town to resort developers." (www.worldcat.org)

message 7: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 38 comments It could have been The Ghost Town Mystery, I remember reading a lot of Boxcar children books when I was little. I'll have to check it out at the library and see if that's it.

message 8: by Kate (new)

Kate Farrell | 4070 comments Mod
Rachel, be sure to let us know if it is or isn't your book. We like to mark threads as Solved, or keep them going if not solved.

message 9: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 38 comments It is definitely not the one by Barbara Turner, Ruth Nolton Moore or Mary Phraner Warren. It could possibly by the Ghost Town Mystery Boxcar children, it doesn't seem right though. I think I did read that book though when I was a child.

message 10: by Natasha (new)

Natasha | 214 comments Was it an Old West kind of town? Or another part of the U.S.?

message 11: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 38 comments I think it was an Old West kind of town.

message 12: by Sherri (new)

Sherri | 74 comments Perhaps "Ghosts Beneath our Feet" by Betty Ren Wright? It's a mining town, not an old west town but a lot of the other details fit. Katie and her family visit the old town for the summer and find it almost abandoned. She sees real ghosts and her stepbrother helps her deal with them.

message 13: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 38 comments Ghosts Beneath our Feet could be it! I googled it, that does sound like it might be it! I just ordered it from my library, so by this Thursday when their books come in from the other libraries, I will know! >:)

message 14: by Kate (new)

Kate Farrell | 4070 comments Mod
Rachel, please let us know one way or the other if this is your book. We crave closure, and would like to shelve your book if it is Solved. Thanks.

message 15: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 40196 comments Mod
Bumping since Rachel posted recently.

Did you figure it out, Rachel?

message 16: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 38 comments Not yet, I ordered some of the suggestions rom the library but none of them fit. :(

message 17: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 38 comments From*

message 18: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 40196 comments Mod
Rachel,, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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