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2 JULY 2016 > 7:00 PM Alex E. Carey (Fantasy)

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Alex Carey (AlexECarey) | 11 comments Alex E. Carey author of the Elemental Series will be here July 2nd at 7:00 PM EST. The Elemental Series is a planned five-book series with drama, suspense, romance and lots of humor. Family friendly. There's something for everyone!

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Alex Carey (AlexECarey) | 11 comments WELCOME
Welcome to the Fire and Lies Release Party and Takeover! I hope you’re all having fun today. If you live in the United States, enjoy a fun and safe July 4th holiday weekend!

I’m Alex E. Carey, author of the Elemental Series and your host for the hour.

I’d like to thank Angela B. Chrysler for hosting the party and allowing me to spend this time with you.

Be sure to check out Angela’s books at Amazon

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Alex Carey (AlexECarey) | 11 comments ABOUT ME
I majored in English at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro. I originally intended to major in archaeology but soon realized I was destined to be a writer. I studied dance for over 12 years and love all styles, but my favorite was modern/contemporary. I enjoy making jewelry, walking trails, gem mining, reading and writing. When I’m at home, I like to wear my comfy jammies, snuggle up on the couch with my dog, Angel, a hound mix, and drink a cup of hot tea or coffee. I love all things nature and wildlife.

I still follow archaeological news and sometimes post interesting bits on my social media pages. I try to post what I think will interest my readers, things I myself am interested in, whether nature, space, new discoveries, or the latest and cutest cat or dog picture just for the fun of it.

I believe in tolerance and acceptance and feel strongly about equal rights for all. I am passionate about issues involving women, children, the elderly, animals and the environment.

Some of my favorite authors include Emily Dickinson, Kim Harrison, Percy Jackson, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, J. K. Rowling, and William Shakespeare.

The best place to start is my Official Website
I’m working on a remodel that will take some time to finish because of my other projects, so be sure to come back periodically to see what’s new.

If you go there today, I have a newsletter signup link on my home page. Don’t worry - I won’t spam you. I don’t like getting it, I won’t send it. You can unsubscribe anytime, but I hope you won’t. I plan to send no more than one or two newsletters per week, and hopefully at least two per month. My newsletters will include special features that you won’t find anywhere else, announcements of new releases and giveaways, and upcoming events, plus much more.

Once the revision of Fire’s Love is finished, I will be offering a freebie to my newsletter subscribers. Everyone who is a subscriber at that time will automatically receive one so be sure to watch your inbox for instructions on downloading. New subscribers following the release will receive that option as well.

After you sign up for the newsletter, head on over to the “Contact” Tab. There you will find links to most of my social media. I have some new ones to add, but the big ones are there. Such as -

Facebook Profile
Facebook Author Page
Amazon Author Page

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Alex Carey (AlexECarey) | 11 comments ABOUT MY BOOKS - MORE ABOUT EACH COMING UP
My book series is fantasy/paranormal romance, family friendly, appropriate for all ages but mostly interests teens to college ages - Young Adult or New Adult. They have suspense, humor, romance and even some martial arts. There’s something in them for everyone.

The Elemental Series is a planned five-book series that follows the adventures of Kira Phoenix. Kira is a 16 year old who goes to college, meets demons, faces evil and danger, and falls in love. The demons aren’t Biblical demons, but more like humans with super powers. They can be good or evil.

I have published three books in the series so far, and am hard at work on the fourth.

You can find my books at

Barnes and Noble
and other online retailers.

Be sure to check for my books at your local bookstore. If not yet available, please consider requesting it and support your local economy. My books are on the shelves at Barnes & Noble in my area and I’m working on getting them on the shelves in other stores.

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Alex Carey (AlexECarey) | 11 comments ABOUT THE MAIN CHARACTERS

KIRA is a 16 year old girl who goes to college early. She’s escaping a few painful memories and a psychotic former best friend who has turned to dark witchcraft. She doesn’t expect to meet demons her first few weeks in her new town, nor to fall in love. As the series progresses, she discovers powers of her own and must learn to control them to save herself, new friends and boyfriend. Damsel in distress was never a role she played in the past. She won’t start now.

PYRE is a fire demon with a rocky past looking for a second chance at the same time he has given up on ever finding it. Although he fears falling in love and having his heart broken again, he is drawn to Kira. He tries to resist her, afraid that his evil past will come back to haunt himself and hurt her. Still he is driven to protect her, even if it means sacrificing himself.

LOWELL, aka Ulric the Wolf Thief, is a wolf demon in the earth element. Lowell struggles with his lingering feelings for Cadel, the love who died in his arms, and the guilt he carries for her death. Although Kira reminds him of Cadel, and he develops a crush on her, he realizes that she and Pyre are meant for each other and introduces them. He wants his two best friends to be happy and tries to convince himself that Kira is like a sister, but it’s also hard for him to watch their growing romance. Little does he know that a new love will soon find him.

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Alex Carey (AlexECarey) | 11 comments STREET TEAM:
Once I finish the revision of Fire’s Love (everything seems to be waiting for that), I will finally set up my street team. I’m currently working out all the details, but I plan to have a separate newsletter for the street team. Members will be eligible to receive exclusive content, swag, advanced reader copies of upcoming books and much more. If you think you might be interested, let me know, either on this post, by email or message at Goodreads or Facebook. I’ll email you once I have the details ironed out and you can decide for sure at that time if you want to join.

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Alex Carey (AlexECarey) | 11 comments REVIEWS:
When purchasing an author’s books, if at all possible, please use the links on their website. Many authors, including myself, use affiliate links on our websites to add to our income. This enables us to offer more contests/giveaways and to donate free books to libraries, schools and charities.

Don’t forget - the best way to thank an author is to leave a review.
Check out the reviews for my books through these links:


Amazon Author Page

Barnes and Noble

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Alex Carey (AlexECarey) | 11 comments I am participating in the Red Hot Summer 2016 Author Giveaway organized by Claudette Melanson. You have the chance to win books, prizes and maybe even $150 cash via Paypal. Visit the Rafflecopter and visit any or all of the listed author links to enter. Each author participating has offered up their own prizes in addition to the cash prize. This event ends September 6th. Have fun and good luck!

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Alex Carey (AlexECarey) | 11 comments EDUCATORS:
Are you an educator who desperately tries to get your students to read? Could you use some bookmarks for your classroom? If you email me your mailing address and let me know about how many you need, I will do my best to accommodate all who ask. With postage costs, if there are several requests, I may have to do a few at a time, but I’ll do my best. Email me at or

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Alex Carey (AlexECarey) | 11 comments Angela sent out a message that the party has been moved to Angela's Twitter. You can go there to see the posts from the release party or visit my page at Alex's Twitter

I hope you will visit my social media links above and like and follow. If you have pages, be sure to let me know and I will like and follow for you too.

I hope you have a safe and happy July 4th!

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