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An Excellent Mystery (Chronicles of Brother Cadfael, #11)
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Karin The war between vying rulers continues in this installment of the Brother Cadfael mystery series. After a fire has razed an abbey in Winchester, two monks straggle in, one obviously weak and injured. Brothers Humilis and Fidelis are given refuge, but it's not long before the search is on for Brother Humilis' former fiancee, who chose to become a nun after his crusades injury, which has rendered him unable to keep a manor nor a wife, released her from the agreement made when she was only five.

This is one of the better Cadfael books, and if you have not yet read any, while you can pick up the series at any time, because each mystery is self-contained, it is best read in order as both the war and the characters are growing older, and if not that, at least read the first two books before any others.

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Megan (oreodont) | 21 comments I read a stand-alone book by Peters some years ago and I keep meaning to start this series. Someday...

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