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Submissions Call for Virtual Book Fair

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Abbie (acauthors) Earlier this year, I hosted my first Virtual Book Fair. It was a test run to see what did and didn't work, and I was pleased to get lots of positive feedback. I've looked over advice on how to improve, and I'm organizing another one for November! Submission call for The Virtual Book Fair is open until August 20!

This year’s virtual book fair will be from November 12- November 20th and will host 10-20 books from each of the following genres:

Paranormal/ Fantasy
Science Fiction
Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction
Young Readers
Short stories
Seasonal stories

Amazon link must include a sample of your book! Submissions will be filtered through beta readers and selected based on writing skill, content. formatting, and overall appearance. Any submissions that do not have a sample will automatically be deleted!!

The main event will host at the Little Book Nook ( and at the following Facebook page: Both of these pages will direct guests to participating author booths which MUST be featured on a blog or webpage or Facebook page.

The book fair will feature several games with gift card prizes. Two of these games require author booth participation, but these will be on a volunteer basis. I’ll explain these games in detail later on. If you decide to participate, you’ll be required to include the information in your booth set-up.

Your booth MUST include the following information:

brief author bio
brief synopsis of book

Optional information might include:
Giveaway set-up
Author interview
Main character interview (questions provided by the book fair)
Villain interview (questions provided by the book fair)
Q&A session
Blog trivia answers (question provided by book fair)
Choose your own adventure paragraphs (provided by book fair)

There is a $2 booth entrance fee to help cover the cost of gift cards and marketing.

Please review the following rules before submitting your book:

* Ebook must be available on Amazon
* Ebook must be less than $2.99 at the time of event.
* Must have at least (5) four or more star reviews
* $2 booth entrance fee
* One book per author
* Authors must have blog or website or Facebook page.
* Authors are responsible for their own contests on Facebook or website or blog

Please also review the following dates and deadlines:

* Final book selections made Sept 15
* Booth fee due Sept 30
* Choose your own adventure approval Nov 1
* Booth approval by Nov 10
* Fair from Nov 12- 20

* November 12 Literary Fiction
* November 13 Romance / Erotica
* November 14 Mystery/ Thriller /Horror
* November 15 Paranormal/ Fantasy / Science Fiction
* November 16 Historical Fiction
* November 17 YA
* November 18 Nonfiction / Poetry
* November 19 Young Readers
* November 20 Short stories/ Seasonal stories

This year I am also testing “vendor booths” for editors, publishers, book bloggers, and virtual book clubs.

**To be considered, all submissions must be made at https://thelittlebooknook.wordpress.c...

If you have any additional questions, you may email me at

Thank you so much!!

Karen_RunwrightReads | 1 comments This virtual book fair looks like a great opportunity to market and network. I'll be signing up for the event.

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