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message 1: by imts (new)

imts (heirofinkandpaper) so there's this game you guys may have heard of; i'm calling it "storytelling" for want of a better name :P
basically, the first person starts off a story, the next person to comment comtinues it, and so on. for example:

person 1: Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved horses.
person 2: The horses were actually aliens from outer space.

...and so on.
remember, everyone gets to write only ONE sentence per comment; let's see how the story evolves!

i'll begin:
Once upon a time, in a land far from any other kingdom, there lived an unhappy prince.

message 2: by Bilal (new)

Bilal Taibzada Because he had a very ugly wife her thoughts even morevdisgusting.

message 3: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Angell (heidiangell) | 31 comments His land was regarded as the most beautiful land in all of Ronan, and his craftsman's artistic skills were the envy of the realm.

message 4: by Uzair (last edited Jun 30, 2016 07:05AM) (new)

Uzair But despite all this something was missing in his life,he grew weary of all the bowing and scraping of court life,he longed for adventure.

message 5: by imts (new)

imts (heirofinkandpaper) One day, a weary old man came to the doors of his father's palace.

message 6: by Uzair (last edited Jun 30, 2016 08:52AM) (new)

Uzair He said he was a Mage that had escaped from the Lawless and plague ridden kingdom of Ebera and asked for protection from bandits on his trail.

message 7: by Bilal (new)

Bilal Taibzada The prince refused at first but by looking at the sad face of the mage he helped

message 8: by Uzair (new)

Uzair The Mage upon being admitted into the Palace,imstantly fell into a state which scared the Prince amd his Courtiers for they thought he had the Eberan Plague

message 9: by Bilal (new)

Bilal Taibzada The eberan plague was a kind of disease that slowly slowly made u into a zombie and it kept spreading in the kingdom

message 10: by imts (new)

imts (heirofinkandpaper) The prince, worried more for himself than for his subjects, demanded that the man be taken away from the palace so as to avoid anyone potentially catching the plague.

message 11: by [deleted user] (last edited Jun 30, 2016 02:57PM) (new)

The prince's science team studied the eberan zombie in their labs and developed a serum that could spread the plague far more efficiently, as for the zombie, they locked him away in a cold and dark place, in case he could be of any use in the future.

message 12: by Uzair (new)

Uzair @Asad
Wow that was simply..........Terrifying.
Now The king had enough problems on his hand,Enter presumed 'bandits' a horde of zombies ranging from humans to bunny rabbits.

message 13: by Sophie (new)

Sophie (thegoneangel) The bunny rabbits were actually ten feet tall with poisonous claws and fangs, but they were typical wide-eyed, cute bunnies. They feasted on the flesh of humans.

message 14: by Grace (new)

Grace (markedforcourt) | 9 comments The bunnies were a problem in themselves but the puppies... the puppies were in a whole other league.

message 15: by Uzair (new)

Uzair And their leader was the mighty Kitten!It was said that one meow wqs the equivalent of a sonic boom.

message 16: by Grace (new)

Grace (markedforcourt) | 9 comments The king and his men had no idea how something so cute could be so deadly.

message 17: by Uzair (new)

Uzair So asa last resort they released the Mage-zombie and to their surprise he wasn't a zombie at all,he said hewas just sleeping and what'd he miss?

message 18: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Angell (heidiangell) | 31 comments @Ozair Lol!

The king ordered the Mage to find a way to vanquish the cute-but-not-so-cuddly hoard or else he would be fed to them to appease their raging.

message 19: by Uzair (last edited Jul 02, 2016 04:39AM) (new)

Uzair The mage just went see ya later and turned invisible where upon the castle mage found him with a spell and threw him over the battlements.

message 20: by imts (new)

imts (heirofinkandpaper) As soon as he was gone, the Kitten disappeared as well; however, the other monsters still stuck around to make life a living hell.

message 21: by Hermione (new)

Hermione Granger | 21 comments So the king sent out a search party to find Sir Abernor, the most powerful wizard in all the kingdoms, to help get rid off the nasty beasts.

message 22: by [deleted user] (last edited Jul 18, 2016 09:32AM) (new)

Without a leader, the monsters had a vote and chose a bear monster to lead them, whose first decision was to stop fighting the locals and instead start farming and eventually trade their produce with the locals in exchange for basic living amenities such as plumbing and sanitation.

message 23: by Hermione (new)

Hermione Granger | 21 comments The locals were stunned to hear this but willing to give the monsters a try if it meant peace. The king on the other hand, was sent news of it and returned from his search party right away. He thought the monsters were playing a cruel trick and would try to overthrow the crown at any moment.

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